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Leaked Ending? Analysis and Debate in regards to a piece written by the author of the series.

2020.11.29 21:05 SnooHabits4229 Leaked Ending? Analysis and Debate in regards to a piece written by the author of the series.

Greetings! I would like to bring this to your attention.
It really surprised me to see that it wasn't given any importance or relevance to the plot of the story.
Below is a piece that was written by Reiji, the author of the series, and was given to the Voice Actress of Chizuru Mizuhara to read in a music video.
"Do you think there's ever a moment where you can have a real, meaningful connection with another person?" Someone asked me that question once. "Maybe when we love someone?" I answered. But I admit, I thought the answer was a bit careless. When do we start to love someone? If we're not in love, does that mean we can't connect? If two people love each other, haven't they already connected? I had a hard time sleeping that night. <-- Could be a reference to a previous event? or perhaps is being told in the past.
There's so many kinds of distance between us. The distance between friends. The distance between family. The distance of social media. The distance between lovers. <-- Distance between Lovers and Family? Who does Mizuhara have left? Which supports the theory of it taking place in the past.
Each of us lives, whether cautiously or boldly, with others at a necessary distance. <-- "Necessary distance"? We are well aware of Chizuru keeping everything or a specific someone at a "necessary distance" to prevent them from interfering with her personal goals.
I wonder how many people suffer, thinking "There's nobody out there who will ever really understand me." <-- We are also well aware of the recent events in the latest chapters where Chizuru has even personally stated herself that, "She felt relieved" after the emotional breakdown in front of Kazuya.
They must have nights with the loneliness feels like it will crush them. I still don't have an answer. <-- In this piece, we are uncertain on whether it was written prior to her meeting Kazuya, or in the future, she still fails to recognize that there is someone who truly understands her.
Maybe we'll never be able to really connect. Maybe that's why we put things in the hands of the astronomical numbers game we call "fate". Maybe none of us can really connect with each other. I never did see that person again. <-- Which led us to speculate the possibility of a separation arc in the future.
"Hey, that may be. But they've got to be out there! They're somewhere out there. Someone you understand, who understands you. Someone you can connect with. That's why we have to keep trying to get close to each other. To talk. To meet. It might be meaningless. It might all be a waste of time. But it's that desire, that hope to find somebody out there I think that's the proof that we can connect. I want to keep getting closer, just a few centimeters more. That's fate. That feeling. That's what I believe. <-- By far the most confusing part of the piece. When and where is this being told? What does could the author implying with this? "They've got to be out there!", "someone you understands, who understands you, someone you can connect with", "But it's that desire, that hope to find somebody out there". Looking at it from the surface, it could be Kazuya that she wants to get closer to, but then again exist the possibility that the person that she has, "not seen again" could also be Kazuya, despite the sentence serving as an analysis to the main question/topic, "Do you think there's ever a moment where you can have a real, meaningful connection with another person?", which she clarifies that it was asked by someone in the past.
Here is an Art from the music video/album.
This Translation was originally posted by JakalDX 2 months ago
The outcome of the Debate
After analyzing the text in a deeper context, we have come to different conclusions.
-One connected the events in the past that was not shown in the manga, and therefore is being narrated in the present time prior to the emotional breakdown of Chizuru. He also implied that it could be a rental client who asked her the question, and therefore is impossible to interpret the script that she never sees Kazuya again. Here is a piece of the convo
-Another user stated that it could be implying a potential future scenario in the plot or a glimpse of how the author will conclude the story and connected the events of the plot with a fan-made theory called "The flower theory". What is flower theory? The flower that was presented in the conversation between Chizuru and Kibe where he told a story of Kazuya back in middle school. Due to Kazuya's efforts, the flower blossomed into a Hibiscus and received a first-place award in the contest. Despite the recognition of his efforts, he was unsatisfied with the results which connect to the current timeline that the story is currently on. There are many interpretations of the theory and this is one of them, the "flower theory seems to be the most adjacent to the plot". We are currently in the part where Chizuru has not yet blossomed into a successful actress. In a near future, she will blossom as a successful actress and ultimately Kazuya will be unsatisfied by the results.
-A different take on the theory is provided by another participant in the debate where he stated "the disappointment could simply be his recurring thought that once she makes it big he will no longer be needed and will be left behind. The first place prize could reference that despite this disappointment, he did good and will end up with her".
-The original Creator of the theory implied that " That's why Kibe's words mean so much because Chizuru can be the one that will allow Kazuya to realize he is doing enough, that he is enough, and that someone truly appreciates what he is doing for them. Whether Chizuru will actually help Kazuya realize that or if Kazuya will realize this another way is to be seen, but this whole analysis or whatever just goes to show you the symbolism and depth that the characters and story of this manga have".
-Several users implied that the possibility of a bittersweet or a sad ending cannot be ignored due to the narration style of the series. In many cases, the narration is being told in a reflective/nostalgic tone. Here are a few examples: CH.16, CH.127, compilation.
-Another user used a theory as a reference that the story could be a movie that is produced by Kazuya after becoming a successful producer based on their relationship story.
In conclusion, we are still uncertain due to the ambiguity of the series.
If we consider the possibility of a separation arc in the future, then this would hold significance in the development of their relationship afterwards, which would support the idea that they would inevitably reunite with each other in the future.
Here are questions that we would like to be answered:
- "Do you think there's ever a moment where you can have a real, meaningful connection with another person?" in the manga because if he didn't then it's 100% not him unless it's a reference to a future event before the separation.
-"What is your personal take on this analysis of the piece?"
-"What is Reiji's intention for releasing such a piece during the peak popularity of the series and when the story is not even completed? Do you think it could be a reference to a future scene?"
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2020.11.27 04:01 Unidentified_OP I lied about an assignment deadline and made my classmate unable to graduate.

Long time lurker but first time poster.
Background: This happened previous semester. This is this guy that i have almost all my classes with. This dude almost never does his own work. He is lazy and a free-loader. In my institution, we had team presentation and team stuff to complete and submit by the end of the day. And also due to COVID we do not have exams anymore but were replaced by graded assignments. And we have a lesson for each of our modules once a week. Okay now onto the story!
So this guy A has always been a free-loader, he never helps to do the team presentations and always sleeps in class. He is also a bit of a bully. He would always bully this smart kid in class to give him his notes and answers to the assignments that proceeds to submit them as his own.
Everyone didn't like him. I only had class with him this semester but i have heard enough from the rest of my peers to know him. So due to COVID we cannot change our teams (We are grouped into teams of 5). I got grouped with him.
On the first lesson the professor already said that this semester there would be a graded assignments every 3-4 lessons. These graded assignments will make up our final grade for that module. So if you failed the last assignment you are basically not able to pull up your grades unless you got an 'A' for the rest. She gave us all the due dates for these assignments. And of course A was sleeping through this. She also explained the late penalty which is how much in terms of percentage would be deducted from your grade if you handed it in late (So 10% if 12h late, 20% if 24h and, 30% if 48H and 50% if more than 72H late)
The last cluster (Which has the majority weightage about 55-60%) rolls up and of course A does not care. He sleeps through the class. During this class our professor specified that we had to submit our cluster assignment by tonight 2359. Obviously A did not hear her.
Later after class has ended, A comes up to me and ask for my assignment. This is how the convo goes:
A: Hey, send me you assignment.
Me: Why?
A: Cause you are my groupmate? and i know you always finish your assignments within the week its given.
Me: Thinking i can send him my first draft which is basically an outline of my assignment with much less detail Okay.
A: Checks his email and opens my work Hey! this is half done! How am i suppose to get good grades with this?! This is so shit. I thought you were smart! Your useless!
Me: getting irritated Well it is your assignment. You are suppose to do it yourself A.
A: Ugh! Fine! at least you can tell me when i have to submit this.
Me: [insert date a week from now].
A: Great! leaves
I finish packing up and go home. When i reached home i did some touch up on my assignment and submitted it at around 8pm. The next week the professor comes in for the lesson and A looks very proud of himself. The professor finishing off by telling us how we did for the last cluster.
Prof: So everyone but 1 person submitted their assignment.
A: Looks confused
Prof: Everyone did well for the cluster given that majority of the assignments was done with accurate data and information. The references has also improved from the previous clusters. For that one person who did not submit their assignment at all was the only person i had to give a 'X' grade. Other than that the whole class got at least a 'B'. well done.
We were all happy that that was the end of the semester. while i left i could see A was talking to the professor. The next semester i found out that he had failed the module overall. I knew he wasn't do that well, but I didn't know it was that bad to the point of being unable graduate if he failed anymore modules.
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2020.11.25 17:49 motorcycleN000b Story appeared on friend's convo but dissapeared as soon as opened app? Happen to anyone before?

I opened my snapchat and over one of the convos bitmoji, it showed a story available for less than a second before it disspeared
Never had a chance to click on it. It went away as soon as I noticed it
What might be the cause if this?
  1. They posted a story but then deleted it, but my phone had lingering data of it still somehow?
  2. Its a private/custom story which I'm excluded from, but through a glitch was available for a millisecond?
Any other ideas or hunches
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2020.11.23 19:10 haughtsauce22 Issues with Google Message App (blue icon)

Hi friends! I've been having issues with text messages through the Google Message App and wondering if anyone is experiencing the same.
Pixel5 on Google Fi.
My google message app sometimes has my messages disappear as soon as I send, sounds like I send it but never actually does, and isn't added to the convo. I'm also not receiving messages except from one other pixel5 owner. The the entire message history also becomes invisible for some people. If I back out of app, sometimes all my contact list of messages becomes invisible.
Anyone else experiencing this, or have a fix?
I've tried wifi only, cell service only, clearing data and cache, uninstalling updates. I eventually switched to a Verizon messaging app and it seems to work better, but I'm also only receiving about 85% of messages people send me, and I hate that app.
Please help!
Edit 11/27: I spend 2 hours chatting with Google Fi support and eventually had to back up everything and do a factory reset, which worked but reset all my apps.
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2020.11.22 23:03 galettegirl Tips for talking to pushy MIL and mother about having kids?

Neither my mother nor my MIL know we’re trying to conceive. The relationship with both of them is fine now but they are both narcissists and there is some past trauma inflicted on my husband and I by them both so I decided to not share with them any details surrounding when my husband and I want to have kids. Coincidentally around the time we started TTC they started talking about us having babies to our faces and rather boldly (I’m like, google are you selling my data to my mom/MIL?! JEEZ). Since they don’t know we are TTC they just assume we haven’t thought about having kids and the comments are usually “how long are you going to wait?!” Or “you’ve waited long enough - why keep waiting to have kids?!” Or “it’s really irresponsible of you to keep putting this off.” Or “you two have had enough fun in life, time to grow up!” Or, my favorite “i wanted to be a grandma by now!!!”
My MIL in particular has started to piss me off. She does thing where she doesn’t take no for an answer, and if you give her a maybe she takes it as a LEGALLY BINDING yes. It’s made many aspects of our life annoying... anyway. About six months ago she was pestering us for a grand kid and she grabs my husbands hands and says “promise me I’ll have two grand babies before you’re 30!” (Because screw talking to me, the one with the womb about it, right?!) It caught us so off guard that we didn’t say anything, luckily the waiter came by so we just ordered more drinks.
She has on numerous occasions since then brought to that he made this “promise” to her. He usually mentions that he never said that but tries to change the subject quickly because we are still learning how to deal with her bossiness even in normal situations and it’s not coming easily to either of us. Before anyone comes for me for not sticking up for myself, just know that I am a pretty bold and confrontational person normally but for whatever reason this always has me totally flabbergasted (probably because there is so much potential pain attached to being vulnerable?). My MIL KNOWS I have a history of ovarian cancer, one ovary, and a long gynecological history (which hasn’t impacted my fertility, but I learned that through appointments that she doesn’t know about). She never ever ever ever asks ME about my history of cancer, my fertility, my desire to have or not have kids, my desired timeline, etc. Hearing her blatant selfishness about what she wants and when in terms of grandkids totally shocks me into silence! Except for one time before we were TTC when I jokingly said “that really isn’t your business!” And she immediately got wide eyed and said “are you having problems?!”
The comments have become non stop lately and my husband and I struggling under the weight of knowing that we wish we could answer “we’d love to have a baby right now! We sure are trying.” But knowing that it might be foolish to trust her. Plus, she isn’t a very kind woman and my husband does not ever want to share any of my TTC details with her because she is definitely the type who would feel sorry for herself if her daughter in law is infertile and not compassionate for me.
I still feel like I am doing my relationship with her a disservice by not asserting myself and setting a boundary for how she needs to speak to us about this. My husband feels the same way and we both struggle to talk to her about sensitive topics because of how she has fractured trust in the past. If my husband knew how her comments saddened me I am sure he would feel terrible for not protecting me from it. I know this is something most women of childbearing age go through so I would love some practical advice or examples of language that helped you feel adequately protected in these annoying family convos. And excuse any typos or run one - I’m on mobile in the car on the way to her house. 🥺)
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2020.11.20 16:32 haughtsauce22 Issues with Google Message App

Hi pixel friends! I've been having issues with text messages through the Google Message App and wondering if anyone is experiencing the same.
Pixel5 on Google Fi.
My google message app sometimes has my messages disappear as soon as I send, sounds like I send it but never actually does and isn't added to the convo. Then the entire message history becomes invisible for some people. If I back out of app, sometimes all my contact list of messages becomes invisible.
Anyone else experiencing this, or have a fix?
I've tried wifi only, cell service only, clearing data and cache, uninstalling updates. I eventually switched to a Verizon messaging app and it seems to work, but I hate that app.
Please help!
Edit 11/27: I spend 2 hours chatting with Google Fi support and eventually had to back up everything and do a factory reset, which worked but reset all my apps.
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2020.11.18 16:25 Informal_Plant_583 I have questions but do not want to offend anyone

Please understand from the gate, I do not doubt, dispute or find anyone to be delusional. I think what everyone is experiencing is 100% real and it has harsh consequences in their lives. I also want to state for 100% clarity, I do not claim to be a TI, I simply find the whole situation absolutely fascinating in the respect that no one legitimizes it despite the fact that cases exist across the entire globe. I can't even fathom how difficult that has to be to experience something that others laugh off and treat like a joke. To all of you that have felt this way, I am sorry. You don't deserve that and your reactions to what is occurring to you are NOT crazy.
I truly think that there is, there HAS to be, a qualifying link as to why the TI are chosen. Is it a physical relation, meaning a location based (it would be interesting to see on a map areas of incident to see if there is coordination and crossover)
Is it a DNA relation, as in TIs are chosen for their relation to a DNA line with imprinting for skillsets we don't understand yet (which would lend credence to why DNA kits are a gov op to collect data).
Is it occult related, meaning TIs are hyper sensitive to other dimensions/realms/etc and the GS is an attempt to squash those abilities by forcing TIs to question their legitimacy, thereby never discovering their potential. (This one interests me the most as the phenoms that occur have a lot of similarities to those I've found in mystical practices)
Is it chemically related, meaning TIs live in areas where concentration of certain chemicals and GS is done to prevent TIs from uncovering whatever is being used to control the masses. (this would go the chem trails which seem pretty predominate with TIs witnessing)
There's a lot of potential for rabbit holing this phenomenon and really getting to the basis of why it exists, because ultimately there has to be a purpose. There is no organization that would join together to terrorize innocent individuals if the only purpose was for fun, there is no way that could be global, it's too paltry of a reason. There has to be something bigger, a reason why this would NEED to occur. A reason GS has TIs and not just any rando.
I honestly think that if there was more put in by TIs to cross reference their similarities you could actually begin to uncover the WHY and that could lead to the WHO and ultimately that could lead to the END.
So I dunno, I know a lot of you don't like to share personal info, and I totally get that, but there might be a lot to be gained by doing so. I am not super internet savvy so I am pretty sure anyone with a microbial of intelligence could probably find me and discover that I am not anything more than a small town individual with a tenacity for conspiracy and a heart set on truth.
Respect to all and I look forward to any convo on the topic that might get generated.
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2020.11.18 06:53 Jodoune Casual racism on the train to start my day✨

Went early to university and had the pleasure of taking the 6:30 train .
A “casual” convo in front of me starts between a guy and his girlfriend about ✨ערבים✨ and how a friend of the girlfriend works with Arabs and invited them to her house .
You can hate us however you want , but to be this ignorant and say stuff like “ew arabs” “hunny no this should be handled” “ I know Arabs” “You never know what they’ll do” .
I didn’t say anything because these people made me feel so humiliated, but I’ll clarify some stuff to anyone who have these thoughts:
• I was dropped off in University, they were dropped off in Hadera
• They look more Arab than me and most of my community ( “ew arabs”)
• People in general in the Arab community don’t feel comfortable enough to go to someone’s house and try to become friends with him/her Jew or Arab, the fact that these people actually went means they stepped out of their comfort zone only to have people with such a shitty pov of life ,it is sad and damaging
• Arabs are also ✨humans✨ , yes we also make friends and specially for the ones living their whole life here , what would you rather us do ?
I was pretty sure having the US as an idol and an ally would make Jim Crow laws a hideous thing to even think about .
• You can be careful and you always should , but if your friend met some people at work and decided to invite them to his house , I’m pretty sure your friend have sensed and knows whenever they’re good people or not .
• “bUt StAtistCs sUGgest yOu GuYs aRE VIolEncE”
This “blaming game” is endless and there’s always data and statistics to support your claims as wrong as they are , yet an educated person knows that data and statistics are worthless because when you meet someone you judge them based on what they are rather than what You Want To Think They Are
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2020.11.17 01:34 jtp_5000 Why I’m not an atheist, or at least your type of atheist

So this is not a conversation I seek out often but I didn’t know this was it’s own sub and since I was banned from atheism a while back I guess I missed you all.
So... I am not an atheist because I find understandings of human reason as capable of definitively knowing God does not exist naive and unrealistic.
To use a current example, Pfizer (and now Moderna as well) called the 90% success rate in their early Covid-19 vaccine trials a “suprise.” To quote Dr Fauci, “not many people expected it would be as high as that.”
Really? At least back when I took Orgo it was about predictable, fundamentally knowable biochemical interactions. Where’s the room for surprise in that?
But I was of course learning simplified orgo for undergrads. One cannot simply deduce effective medical treatments with a series of chemical equations because human knowledge is incomplete, even to the environments inside our own bodies where this vaccine is thus far proving so effective.
And thankfully the regulatory process will not wait for such knowledge to become perfect prior to approving a vaccine.
Nope, we’ll ensure the vaccine really does work through a limited amount of further testing and then you and I and most everyone we know will rightfully and with much relief stick our arms out so we can get some of it as well.
And we will trust that it is both effective and safe because it was effective and safe in clinical trials. A circular logic that is both a scientifically sound and, per formal logic, a rationally inadequate reason to believe a thing.
And so given such circuitous knowledge will be an adequate basis for the vaccination of every willing human on earth I find it absurd to presuppose human discussion of the definitively extra-human must rely solely on the epistemological equivalent of an addition problem.
Edit: while your comments are perhaps tired points for many of you they aren’t to me. One of if not the most helpful, instructive and thought provoking convos I’ve had on a Reddit thread. I can feel myself learning. Thanks for all of your input. Seriously. I have a great respect for this sub as a result and will be checking it daily.
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2020.11.16 22:08 ubermoonchild BF (25M) and I (27F) go on a dinner date, and he is checking out another woman in front of me.

Met a guy via Hinge 6 months ago. Things have been going pretty well but I need your advice on something that unsettled me. Yesterday we went to a restaurant, boyfriend and I. And then I saw he noticed a girl sitting next to us with big boobs. And he like moved his chair a little to the back so he could get a better way and kept glancing at her throughout. Finally when she was leaving, he kept staring at her. And I finally said something: “Don’t stare at that girl”. The thing is it unsettled me because I don’t really want to be with a “depraved male” like that. If he’s being like that with me imagine him alone with friends. And secondly, yes he apologised right after I said that, but he does that a lot. It’s the first time I said anything. And afterwards when he had a fight, he said some redflag worthy stuff:
  1. “Goodluck finding a guy that never looks”. Thing is I don’t need to find a guy, I’m happy on my own.
  2. “It will happen again, if you are so insecure then leave.” Uhhh wtf.
It’s not this little instance. He does this CONSTANTLY. Every time we are talking and he loses his “train of thought” or says something random (not part of the convo)..I see his eyes and Lo and behold he is looking at some girl’s ass. I actually kept an eye out because I think it would be grossly unfair to any one of us to leave a relationship based on feelings. But I got the data to back it up.
Should I run?
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2020.11.16 02:15 A-Tiny-PewDiePie-Fan An update to the post I made earlier:

She messaged me asking if I had completed my Geography scrapbook, so from there I tried to keep the conversation going but I felt it becoming drier and drier. She doesn't seem to make much an effort to continue the conversation too, I'm just asking questions and once they're answered I shut up.
So now I know that she didn't block me(yay), but most probably she just turns off her wifi/data whenever she's not using it(sleeping hours). She still doesn't actively engage in text convos, despite being the exact opposite irl, what do you think?
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2020.11.15 20:42 m00n5t0n3 STRATEGY POST: Long Distance Relationships! (LDRs) 💞🌎💍✈️

Hi ladies - I've been meaning to write this out for a while. This post and these strategies are based on my personal experiences in 2 different long-term, committed, long distance relationships, as well as having several friends who did the same (some who ended in marriage; some in breakup). This post does NOT apply to boyfriends you met online (i.e. 'nevermets'). This post applies to someone you started dating, became exclusive with, and then for some reason the prospect of continuing as a LDR came up because either you or him had an opportunity to leave for a period of time. I will try and keep this TO THE POINT.
The main take-away is that FDS logic applies EXTRA hard -- you should be EXTRA happy in the relationship, you should be an extra HVW, and he should be - and needs to be - an extra HVM for the LDR to work.
**PART ONE: Deciding whether to do the LDR or not*\*
**PART TWO: During the LDR*\*
**IMPORTANT NOTE: LDRs can highly benefit the man*\*
**PART THREE: Mental / Emotional Strategies during the LDR*\*
**GENERAL notes and final conclusions*\*
**SUCCESS stories*\*
LDR is an opportunity to level up together and get an amazing life together (e.g. if you both support each other getting specialized degrees in different cities or states, you can have a higher quality of life together later...and if it fails, hey, now you have a specialized degree!). It should only be pursued with absolute caution, and then, with absolute enthusiasm. He needs to be your biggest cheerleader in achieving your goals (and vice versa). Yes, most fail. But these are hopefully strategies and perspectives you can take to either a) make sure you're going into it with the right guy, b) make sure you have a good time during the relationship even if it fails, and c) potentially make it so it doesn't fail.
Good luck! Thanks for reading! Please add to the discussion in a comment!
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2020.11.15 18:29 RaveWave101 Thought I was ENFP, but who knows maybe I’m not

How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself. 16F, I’ve been described as witty, compassionate, bold, sensitive, intelligent, creative, passionate, blunt, curious, ambitious, and insightful on the high side but cynical, anxious, moody, approval seeking, competitive, skeptical, brash, self critical, guarded, and impulsive on the low side. I’ve been told I’m mature for my age, but that can be very debatable. Perhaps it’s the trauma!
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow? I have anxiety, and sometimes it makes my emotions much more unstable, specifically anger and obviously fear. I also have issues with sensory processing that makes me overwhelmed with the physical environment easily (mainly auditority). Enneagram is 4w3 sp/sx (487 tritype) and i've been typed by people as ENFP, INFP, xSFP and ENTP.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it? Family was pretty good, they’re very loving, sometimes can be a bit overwhelming but it comes from a good place. I grew up with a big Italian American family, but because I was more reserved about my thoughts and feelings (they’re very social and loud) I often felt very different from them so there’s a bit of a disconnect. I also felt overshadowed by my older sisters, especially the oldest who was gifted academically, hence my approval seeking tendencies and perfectionist attitude. when I was very young I had a cardiac incident that caused people to be overprotective of me, and caused me to feel the isolation I talk about more later on.
I mainly struggled with friends. I had no roots. I could make friends but no one really stuck around until high school. People either left me, proved to be toxic in some way, or tried to use me. It’s made me a bit jaded of people but I still try to give them the benefit of the doubt anyway. I've seen a lot in my drift through cliques, hence why I’m usually non judgemental of people (Usually). I can along with many types of people once I stop overthinking everything and simply talk to them! Though I’m friendly, I am reserved with who I reveal my “inner self” to. Not that I pretend to be someone else, I just might seem very calm and sarcastic and until I show my true emotional, passionate self. I sometimes felt as if I was in a different world than many of my peers and I only escaped this through the world of music.
Another thing is starting when I was 12, I realized I liked girls. I ignored these feelings for fear of coming out and being further isolated until several months ago. When I crushed real bad on a girl again. I did manage to confess but I didn’t get a clear answer so I'm trying to observe and see where she stands with me. Hopefully she can be mine someday. But if not, hey, as long as she’s happy! Once again band helped me realize I had a place regardless of who I loved.
With religion, I was raised Catholic, exposed to how they teach with fear and hate those who are LGBT, which made me declare I was agnostic at 14. It caused a bit of conflict with my catholic family but I don’t care too much, it’s not like they’re super religious. I also was raised Republican, and they supported trump. I followed along until covid, which made me realize he wasn’t the great leader I was lead to believe. As a result it causes a bit of a rift and frustration on my end because the news they watch is propaganda and I can’t stand it.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not? No job currently, unless you count being a high school student, which I fucking despise.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed? I’m very on and off with alone time. One minute I’m the suave, charming life of the party and the next I’m the quiet bookworm in the corner, dreaming in her own world. I can see myself greatly enjoying myself alone as long as I keep busy with activities, but I also wouldn’t mind a few close friends with me to share the adventure with! a weekend isn’t super long, so I think I’d appreciate the time alone to decompress but also I’d be really happy to see people again. It’s a nice way to recharge so long as the isolation isn’t super long.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities? I’m not super outdoorsy. I do like outside but a lot of the things I do can be done just as easily or only inside.
Outdoors: I love going on bike rides, quad rides, swimming and hiking. Although the first two I don’t have confidence in, I love just getting lost in my environment, allowing my mind to wander and take it all in. I also love the energy rush and feeling of driving so fast, nothing can compare! And with swimming, I enjoy the feeling of floating in the water, it calms me. I just love the headspace I enter, when I’m for once just existing and not focusing on anything else except the moment.
Indoors. I love to write, video edit, draw, sing, animate, and play my trumpet. These all serve as relseases to me and give me an opportunity to create beautiful things to be proud of. I’ve done marching band (trumpet) for 2 years now, and I loved meeting all the cool people there! The arts are beautiful and they help me express my inner emotions and all the things I care about. I often write after major events to process my emotions better. It’s also helped me accept my identity.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate? EXTREMELY curious. It’s one of my defining traits! I’m very curious about how things connect. This could be concepts or with people. I like to figure out all the patterns that intertwine concepts, so I can form a big picture on how it all works. It’s very cool to learn new things, especially in sciences. However if I feel I can’t connect the dots I lose interest. I also enjoy people, observing how they interact, what makes each of them unique, how they act, what they like, reactions. People are quite interesting! I sometimes like to just say whatever is in my head and observe the reaction. I ask a lot of questions and I’m not afraid to shine light on a new perspective or rock the boat with a new idea.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be? I don’t have a ton of confidence in leadership, but I’d like it quite a bit, except sometimes dealing with people too much can get taxing, and sometimes when too many things are thrown at me I get overwhelmed and snap. I’m very good at hyping people up and listening to their struggles, trying to think of solutions to help. I want to lead with a grand vision of prosperity, to keep everyone inspired and push my group to be the best it can be so we can truly break barriers and be remembered. I also want to be able to get to know everyone, because I also wanna make friends along the way! I just sometimes can feel awkward approaching people but I can push past that.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity? No, not really. Even when I draw my hand shakes and I struggle making clean crisp lines as a result. Coordination is hard, I feel like I have to strain very hard in order to match the movements, it’s not natural. I’m very clumsy. But I still enjoy hands on learning so I can have a more enriching experience, one I can remember much easier.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particularly artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer. Very! I tend to often draw/write about my own ocs, write about my past experiences if they were personal to me, and I also love drawing/animating fanart of mg favorite things because I love creating things for what I love! I also love aesthetic posts, and seeing how it all comes together to paint a beautiful picture! It’s amazing because my poems, my drawings, are meant to reflect me, what I love, my experiences, even how I write is meant to be a reflection of me. I often fail to express my strong emotions outwardly so that’s what art is for :)
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them? I tend to dwell on the past beyond when it’s healthy. Occasionally, especially as I get more healthy, I honor my past experiences, but I don’t seek to recreate them, they happened, great. Move on and create new experiences that’ll be better! Sometimes when I’m stressed I will start looking at my past failures or become longing for the past, thinking it was so much better then when really it wasn’t. I can become too attached to the past and never move on. I sometimes fear the past will repeat itself on an endless loop and if I feel it is I start lashing out, becoming anxious and feeling paranoid.
I’m oblivious to the present for it moves way too fast for me to process. Every second passes by is the present and immediately is past. But as I grow I get better at enjoying the moment and not dwell on the past or future. That’s why I’m an adrenaline junkie because nothing else can focus me on the present.
I’m very keen on my future. At my best I’m hopeful, i know what I want my future to look like, but the vision I have in my head can change so easily. I try to commit to one vision but then something happens to change my mind! At my worst I become trapped in the past and refuse to look ahead, thinking there’s no future for me. An open ended future makes me excited so I can focus on all the great opportunities awaiting me, and sometimes I neglect the present in my impatience in waiting for these moments. I used to not like change but now I embrace it. • How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so? I don’t mind helping others. In fact I am happy to! Until they stop helping themselves. I’ve been in situations when people would just use me for leverage as they wallowed in their self destructive emotions so i cut them loose never looking back. I will always do my best to help, but I’m not gonna bend over backwards for a lost cause. But I empathize with those who are lost and confused in life, because I’ve felt that way all my life, and I want to be able to help people find their way, be it for small tasks or deeper things. Sometimes because I’ve always felt that way I fear I’m too broken, so I try to help others, using my pain as a way to create authentic empathy rather than pretending to understand.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life? Obviously, doesn’t everyone? People who contradict themselves or hold blatant double standards evoke a special type of rage in me, I especially see this in politics and it’s enough to make me fly off the handle (hence why I stay away from that shit). I constantly check myself to ensure that I’m not contradicting myself for I have a paranoid fear I will and I’ll be ripped apart for it.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you? This is also important, but I have a hard time regulating this in myself. Either I get so excited by an idea that I fail to put it in action because I literally don’t know where to start or I don’t care enough to start and procrastinate endlessly. But with others I’m very keen on efficiency and while I do not always express it, if others are inefficient it irritates me a lot, because at least I can change my inefficiency, but I can’t change others.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that? Not really, I may have my opinions but I try to let live per say. I don’t wanna be controlled so i won’t try to control others. However if someone is doing something that I believe is particularly destructive (such as relationship hopping, self harming) that’s when I intervene and try to help them. I tend to regret being harsh when expressing my opinions because I know it can intimidate people, and I’m trying to work on it. I can’t help but to get hot headed when I care too much about something. But no I don’t try to deliberately control others because everyone is their own person and I feel uncomfortable doing that (hence why I tend to be awkward in traditional leadership styles).
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them? I mentioned my hobbies above in more detail, but I love the arts as a form of self expression in order to show the world what I love and the emotions I felt through life. But I also love driving quads/bikes and swimming for the sweet sweet adrenaline rush.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses? I much prefer to learn diving in and freely being able to experiment on my own, I don’t like rigid rules because I feel stifled and upset by what I can and can’t do. I tend to like classes that allow me to either express my ideas about the meaning of thinsg (biology, mainly lab, English ) or feelings (music. Writing)
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go? I tend to make up a loose plan that’s easily flexible and kinda go from there. I usually plan multiple courses of action so I have something to fall back on in case one of this plans fail. I’m not good with verbal improvising, I can become flustered easily but with projects I can often find ways to work around obstacles because my plans are flexible.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally? I wanna major in psychology or writing, I wanna write books about my observations or original characters and show them to the world. I wanna be able to experience all the places life has to offer. I want to be able to experience things, travel to different places, with the man/woman of my dreams. I wanna be able to write and create something people will admire for years to come, something original to remember me by.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why? I fear being alone and the past repeating itself. I fear not being fulfilled in life and living a mediocre/forgettable life. I wanna be remembered as a groundbreaker, a trendsetter, and I ache thinking of all my memories, and wondering if people remember me like I remember them. I feel powerless when the past repeats itself. I also fear being taken advantage of and being unable to ever find true love, perhaps, what if I’m too broken to truly be loved? I also fear never finding the internal peace I’ve been looking for all my life, if it’s even attainable. I hate people who merely just follow along with the motions and wonder why they’re so depressed when they’ve never taken a moment to consider what was right for them. Self pity also is very annoying and those who think they’re intellectually superior for no reason, fucking arrogant pricks.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like? Surrounded by friends, at my best I’m very social, able to connect to almost everyone on a deeper level (it’s effortless!), I’m very creative and confident in my ideas, sharing them without fear. I am very adventurous and willing to take risks because I’ve learned in life getting out of your comfort zone is how some of the best things are experienced. I have very strong gut instincts and often tend to follow them, following when my heart is being pulled towards something, because chances are, something amazing is waiting right there. it’s a little anxiety-inducing to take the leap but it’s always worth it because you’ll always learn something. I feel at peace and calm. Usually able to handle/manage conflict well. I tend to charm people with quick wit and a heart of gold.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like? The lows are very isolated, withdrawn, jaded and short tempered. I usually tend to wallow on happier times in the past. Wishing my happy birthday past would come back, yet also mourning the bad memories. I become very intolerant of people withdrawing and snapping if they come too close. My world is grey, I become paranoid of something bad happening, fearing everyone secretly hates me and behaving in self defeating ways as a result. I become very pessimistic and believe I’m always going to fail no matter what. I become prideful, unable to accept any help and further driving myself in isolation. I become even more sensitive, and not the good kind, the walking on eggshells type, I’m very prone to exploding and then I wallow after. I resort to escapism and sometimes have idealized death at my darkest due to this.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so? I live in my head often, I constantly daydream about many things, about people I like, about exciting future events, about my ocs, if I’m bored, where I would rather be, or times when I was happy. Due to my issues with sensory processing daydreaming could possibly help me cope with that, as I try to think of something pleasant to block out the terrible amounts of noise that hurt my head and ears. If I’m in an unfamiliachaotic place my senses work in hyperdrive due to fear, but I’m very anxious and irritable. But generally I’m not attached to my , and may even wander off as I lose myself in my thoughts, a trait I’ve had for as long as I can remember.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about? Probably wonder how I got there, have a panic attack and find ways to get out because lord help me if I’m isolated for too long without anything substantial I’ll go mad.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it? I have to take a while to make important decisions. I need to collect all the data, weigh pros and cons of all the possible choices, and then decide which choice personally feels right to me with the data I’ve researched. I do not like a lot of interference from people in this decision because I want to make a truly authentic decision. But generally I don’t budge easily once I make up my mind, hence why it takes so long at first for me to make a decision. I can sometimes be indecisive because of this too. I’m very keen on doing my own research too.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life? A long time. I have to take a lot of time to reflect on my emotions and process everything, and it takes even longer for me to be able to verbalize them. I find the words easily in my head but can’t get the words out. As mentioned I write out my emotions to process them better. As a kid I detested my sensitive nature and ignored my emotions to seem strong but now I realize just how important they are, and how you need to reconcile all your emotions, positive and negative to feel complete. And if that process takes a lot of alone time so be it.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
No, I’ll just shut up because conversations can be draining as is, lying makes it an even bigger headache to keep a conversation. If I’m in a group I leave it to others to keep the convo going but if it’s alone, I’ll usually try to (gently) disagree because I feel icky lying about what I believe in.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why? I don’t typically break rules, moreso bend them or break small ones that no one will care about. You have to pick and choose your battles so breaking all the rules would take way too much out of me. However I’m a huge skeptic of rules and constantly evaluate whether they’re good or not, and I’ll privately mock them if I believe they aren’t useful, I don’t mind critiquing policies if given the chance to. But I believe authority should always be challenged because if it isn't, it allows authority to become corrupt and lead in a reign of terror. Fear is our biggest hurdle and we must overcome it and speak out to keep the tyrants at bay. I may not lead a revolution but I wouldn’t mind voicing my objections and maybe that would inspire a revolution. You only need an idea after all.
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2020.11.15 06:46 alfen-dave I spent my NIO gains on a hooker for my B-Day; found her daytrading...

Today is my birthday, no joke. 27 . I feel kinda old and dusty.
Woke up around 12pm, skipped breakfast and spent most of the day watching YouTube videos in my appartment, waiting for friends and family members to call me as they usuaully do to wish me a happy b-day.
While the whole ordeal seems sad and depressing, well, I dont give a fuck to be honest, since COVID a lot of people have probably spent their birthdays and celebrations alone, disconnected from others. I'm still happy I have relatives to call me and remember I exist, some pees dont even have that.
Also, I'm still quite happy from the 4k$ gains I made on NIO and XPEV Friday.
I made money both on their stock and options value.
Basically for the first time ever I got to sell a stock right at the peak before it came crashing down (sold NIO when it reached 53-ish).
Hell, Im acting up hot and all but I might lose everything again this week, who knows..😒
Anyway, to break up the loneliness, I contacted a hooker and booked with her since Id just made some disposable money and money buys you copes.
Wont go into detail but she basically scammed me; she did not look like the pictures
sucked me with a condom on,
promised 2 rounds but only gave me 1
did not have a COVID testing machine (lol im joking)
But honestly, she was decently pretty, had a nice warm ploop and had big tits so for 160$, it wasnt so bad I guess.
She was a bargain ''cheap'' hookers, working 2 jobs to pay their bill. We still had a really nice convo after the sex.
Anyway, what really made me laugh is that when I got into her rundown appartment, the whole place was a mess, but there was this big flat screen on her desk with a bunch of graphs and stock overview. I did a snarky remark on it and found it even funniy that it was one of those Premiums Expansive Broker (those who have a bunch a of Charts, Statistics, Data Analysis and the pitch Black Screen for background).
Basically, the point of this thread is just to show you that bascially, everyone; EVERYONE and their moms are trading now, no matter their class, education level...its really funny, a decade ago, this was simply not a thing and I think with COVID and a bunch of Millenials hyping stocks left and right and easy access to Brokerage platform, (day) trading will become a serious democratized thing in the future. There is still a good possibility that Stocks will rise and fall in the same manner even after the pandemic since most people (day) trade in idiotic ways.


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2020.11.15 05:20 bogedy Photofeeler was a game changer for me

I'm not affiliated but I can't help but share this. I don't know about everyone else but I really didn't understand how to take proper photos and it lead to me wasting a bunch of time swiping on tinder and doubting myself.
Photofeeler is sorta like tinder but you just get the raw data on what people think about your pics. I found out real quick that some selfies that I thought were nice weren't nice at all. I followed the advice on their blog and had my mom take some pics of me (your mom wants you to find someone too, bro. Don't be afraid to ask her for help). Quickly got some data saying that the photos were nice and started using them. The difference has been huge!
In fact, my highest rated photo on photofeeler was this kinda messy photo that I definitely brushed off at first. But the data spoke for itself and as soon as I made it my main tinder photo BAM I went from a match every few months (and they mostly ghosted me) to several per week with good convo and actual dates.
I encourage anyone sitting on the toilet swiping and wondering when they're gonna go on a date to check out photofeeler. If you're gonna spend a bunch of time on tinder it's probably best to make the best of that time, right?
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2020.11.14 13:32 sammuel_c_p Conclusion: A rejection to be sure, but a happy one.

Current update on how things went after 1 week.
Welp boys, it came to an end but a happy one. You may wonder how can I be happy after being rejected? Well. This is how things did go.
On my last posts I wrote I was gonna call her on zoom to talk to each other about the outcome of events. Well, what she never told me was that she was going to be out of my city to a nearby rural town for the weekend and won't come back until next Monday or tuesday. She told me she had to use mobile data to watch my video (I uploaded it to YouTube but made it hidden so only she could watch it) but she hadn't got enough data to call me on a Zoom meeting, so we talked through normal whatsapp chat.
She finally understood why I wouldn't tell her who my crush was. And finally got all of the "hints" together and all finally made sense to her. She couldn't believe it was her.
She told me that this was the first time in her life that anyone had these kinds of feelings towards her and she felt happy about it. Felt happy and flattered to say the least, but she didn't feel the same way back as I did her.
To be honest, her response to my video was something like this:
"First of all, thank you so so so much for singing for me. You have a really good voice and it's also a really good guide to practice it!" (Talking about the same song. It was her favorite one and from what I could tell, she was still practicing it vocally and on piano).
"And the truth is that I'm really lucky to have a friend like you and all we've ever talked about has been so special to me. Thank you for always being there for me and all. Also please keep on singing, you do it really well. Before I keep responding, Can you tell me why do you like ME? I just wanna know why"
I sent her an audio of like 4 minutes explaining to her everything about her that made me attracted to her. Pretty much her physical and emotional beauty, her kindness, her nobility, her sweetness and how goddamn great of a friend she is (Her sweetness was the thing that made me feel liking her a helluya lot). How she cared about me. How she trusted me. How much I thought of her and many more stuff.
She responded with: "Emmm... Well honestly I never thought that someone could see all of that inside me, thanks for those kind words of yours, and to be truthful I don't define myself like that lol. Seriously, thank you so much for saying that. Nobody has ever told me something like that. You're so special to me, you're very strong, smart and kind too"
At this point my heart was melting. We talked a little bit more and then it all came to this. She took her time to write this and this is what she told me:
"Look, you're an excellent person and you deserve the best things happening to you, that you're happy and that someone loves you so much, but I don't think I'm the one who can offer you that. I love you so much, but I'm so blind, that I can't see you as someone more than a friend, I'm really sorry. You deserve someone that loves you as much for who you are, someone that makes you happy and likes you just as you like them, you deserve someone that can give you everything, thing that I can't do, I'm really sorry, I'd like to feel it, but for some reason I don't feel it, I love you so much, but I can't see you as someone more than a friend, I'm really sorry. And I promise that I'll keep talking to you if you let me, I'll help you in everything I can, I'll give you advice and talk to you if you let me, I'm sorry. If you want me to get away from you, I'll understand; If you want me close to you, I'll be there once more, I'm sorry"
I couldn't believe what I was reading from her. She cared more for my own feelings that her own ones. She was too humble and noble that I started tearing up. Not from sadness because she rejected me, but because I was so, so lucky to have a friend like that in my life, especially her. I LOVE her with my soul and heart but it's not a platonic love, it was a genuine love, for someone who I always want to be for as much as they'd be there for me. Instead of breaking my heart, she was making me feel so loved but not in the way I expected at the start.
Then all that she said after that during the convo until the end was: encouraging me to keep the feelings on, to keep on singing and dancing (which those are my talents) , to tell me how much she cared for me as a friend, how special that video was for her, how grateful she was for having someone so special in her life like me, how cute from me it was to sing for her and how much she cared for me. Then we said our goodbyes and both went to sleep.
You know? Maybe things are better this way than if I had been accepted. Only time will tell if I will have a partner in the future. And I didn't won a girlfriend, but a really close girl-friend and that's completely fine with me. I got rejected in the best way I could have imagined and I would never change things after last night. God, I feel so happy by letting her know my true feelings and intentions and letting it all out of my system. I love her and she does love me, but just as friends and that's okay with me.
Thanks also to everyone who supported me on my posts by comments and DMs. Y'all are very good people and I hope y'all also find someone that loves you as much as they do you.
I'll keep posting on this sub if anything happens. Let me also remind you that rejection can possibly led you to good things, but don't lose hope. I believe in you.
Edit: My most huge thanks for everyone who gave me awards, upvotes and nice comments. Can't believe there's so many good people in this sub that made some of the most wholesome comments I've ever read. It makes me happy that I made y'all happy with my story. Also I root for y'all if it comes to your respective crushes. I BELIEVE IN YOU.
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2020.11.14 02:55 WoodRescueTeam Marketing problem?

Employed local co. in Feb to handle online SEO, website and online reputation. Signed contract. Have had numerous (15 plus) email conversations where they have completely failed at providing even the minimum service agreed to. Recognition in August through email of the opposite party who acknowledges problems and agrees to remedy situation. Mid Oct we fired them. Now they are trying to strongarm through email convo payments we refuse to make. We are three months on a new website they designed where they show "data" that we have client contact through their portal, but we have repeatedly and consistently made contact to let them know that we are not receiving the calls/contact on our end. We were told that they see that everything is ok on their end and no effort has been made to resolve the problem. We have made large monthly payments for a broken service (we had amicable relationship). I made the choice to withhold payment for Oct (fire date Oct 20 after multiple requests to correct problems. They are attempting to bill for Oct and Nov because of contract. My position is glaring fail points on the service since June (documented) with literally only half of agreed services provided at best and most. If i were to go to litigation, i feel that their inconsistency and failure to provide services as agreed nullifies our agreement (based on solid documentation which includes letting them go in Aug and the promise of correction of all the previous (not current) fail points). I feel they are in breach and do not wish to pay final invoices (Oct and Nov). Does it appear that i would be correct in my position? I can provide greater detail.
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2020.11.12 01:29 SpongyMcWipey Comcast does not care about you! Worst company I have ever worked with as a consumer!

It is time to get my story out... I live in northern Mississippi, and I work in IT as a software engineer (Currently working from home). Also, please excuse the mess you are about to read. I don't write this much very often.. and I am very angry.
I personally have been a customer of comcast (Xfinity) for internet for the past 5 years. Before that, I lived with my parents and we had comcast for 10ish years, so I am going to give myself 15ish years of experience with Comcast. For most of that 15ish period I didn't have many problems, but I've had nothing but trouble for the past 2 years, and they have proven that as of late they do not care about their customers and they will squeeze every penny they can out of you. If they run the market in your area, then you get screwed by them.
When I originally signed up, I ordered their fastest internet available with some basic tv package. I believe it was 250 mbps and there were no data caps at the time. My family uses a lot of data, so data caps were not acceptable for us. I had a few issues over 3 years time with my connection going in and out and I had techs come out and somewhat fix the issues. I was charged once for a tech visit for some reason.. still not happy about that. After that, about 2ish years ago I signed up for their new Gigabit internet (NOT true fiber). It was outrageously expensive and you had to get basic tv (or the online tv) with it as a bundle. I believe I was originally paying ~$155 for it without using the tv at all. I started having A LOT of issues with connection, the consistency of the connection, and overall performance. I started buying and trying out all sorts of different routers and modems assuming that might fix the problem.. It didn't. I then had more techs come out and they didn't help and said everything was fine. I also got charged for one of those visits.

A few months down the road they come out with the data caps. Nobody had a choice. 1 TB data cap, and it didn't matter who you were or how long you've been with them. I consistently went over 1TB before the cap. They gave us 2 months free going over, but then they were going to charge me. I called and said "I don't understand how I can have your fastest speeds available and pay a huge premium price for it and be hit with a data cap". They said that a very small percentage of their users go over the cap and it is what it is. They then offered me some new package with unlimited and I was going to have to start paying like ~$165 a month... FOR NOTHING BUT INTERNET.. And on top of that, internet that was so inconsistent and would constantly drop for 10-20 seconds every 30 min to an hour. I was getting 960+ mbps, but it was just so inconsistent.

Over time I got tired of paying so much money for their crappy internet that I would call monthly to try to get a better deal and check if they would lower prices for this offering. I eventually had to drop the unlimited and did everything I could to limit data usage (I had kids so money got tight). My speeds also suddenly plummeted. I was barely getting over 500 mbps and I had changed nothing in my house for a year. I called multiple times and they kept wanting to send a tech, but I said no because they would find a way to charge me for the tech (Usually ~$70). They would continually lie to me and once a lady said that she put together a special task force to see how to fix my problems... pfffft...

COVID hit and we got some free months of no caps. Well then the caps came back on and I went way over that month. I got charged $100 in overages. By the time I realized it, I had also already piled up $50 in overages on the new month. I contacted comcast, and after a quick convo, I was suddenly on a new plan with just internet and not bundled with any tv and unlimited for ~$135 a month. Something I had been asking for over a year. I called over and over again. I spoke with different reps, different online chat agents, and even spoke with their twitter support team. Nobody would do anything for me about refunding the overages that I felt were unnecessary for how much I had been paying for a year.. I spoke with a guy and I asked "So you'd rather have my $150 right now from overages on a inconsistent network that I am overpaying for rather than keeping my account that I pay around that much each month?". Of course he didn't directly answer that question, but the answer was obviously yes.

Over the past few weeks, they have also been doing unscheduled "maintenances" without any warning to me. I work from home, so when my internet is unavailable, I can't work. I've been dropped out of important meetings, lost progress on forms, and have had to quit working for hours at a time forcing me to work late at night. It is unacceptable to have these outages during the day while I am working with no warning. I understand things have to happen, but a warning allows me to go in to the office or find another source for internet.

All this to say, comcast does not care about you. They want every penny they can get out of you and they feel no remorse for you leaving because they are a monopoly. I highly suggest others who have had poor experiences to seriously consider other options and make them start losing money and respect their customers. I am moving to CSpire next week, and I can't wait to have that phone call with the poor guy/gal that has to deal with me canceling my order...

With CSpire, I will have 1GB download and upload of TRUE fiber and it will only cost me $70 a month.. Comcast.. get it together or you will start losing long term customers very quickly.
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2020.11.06 22:45 gjohnsit Arrogant Centrist Dems Are Incapable Of Learning Self-Reflection, Humility

If there's one thing we know for certain, the Democratic party establishment only knows how to punch left and punch down. This is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2010.
And this is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2016.
And this is what they learned from their ass kicking this week.
"No one should say 'defund the police' ever again," Spanberger yelled on the leaked call. "Nobody should be talking about socialism." Spanberger, who won re-election by a narrow margin of 0.2 percentage points, called the election results "a failure" and told other Democrats, "We lost races we shouldn't have lost."She added that if progressives continue to use this rhetoric, "We will get f-----g torn apart in 2022."
Rep. Stephanie Murphy was even more direct and to the point.
"No one should say 'defund the police' ever again," Spanberger yelled on the leaked call. "Nobody should be talking about socialism." Spanberger, who won re-election by a narrow margin of 0.2 percentage points, called the election results "a failure" and told other Democrats, "We lost races we shouldn't have lost." She added that if progressives continue to use this rhetoric, "We will get f-----g torn apart in 2022."
Rep. Stephanie Murphy was even more direct and to the point.
“I think that the Democratic party needs to clearly push that we are not supportive of ideas like socialism or defunding the police or anti-Semitism,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., a co-chair of the House’s centrist Blue Dog Coalition. ...“This playing footsies with socialism is not going to win over most of America,” she said. “There’s no amount of lipstick that can cover up the fact that these far left ideas are costing us races.”
It's all the fault of the left! That's all you need to know. Of course if you think about this for just one second the logic breaks down.
For starters, only conservative Democrats lost. No incumbent progressive Democrat lost. So something's wrong with this logic.
Fox News exit poll: 72% want a government-run healthcare plan aka Medicare for All FL voted for a $15 minimum wage SD, MT, AZ & NJ voted to legalize marijuana CO voted for 12 weeks of paid family & medical leave Get back to basics by unifying behind an FDR agenda for the 99% — Warren Gunnels (@GunnelsWarren) November 5, 2020
And then, there's the much more important implication of what they're saying.
So are we supposed to believe that if Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who represents Seattle, never let the word “socialism” pass her lips again, then that would mean that some centrist Democrat from a district 3,000 miles away would have an easy path to victory in every future election? And what exactly are centrists asking progressives to do? It sounds like they’re saying, “Republicans falsely accused me of believing what you believe, so that means you have to change your positions and believe only what I believe.” Do they want the progressives to change their beliefs on health care or economics or some other issue? Should the progressives just stop advocating for their preferred agenda at all?
That is what they are saying: the Democrats can't win as long as any progressives exist in the party. They are advocating for a purge of the left. They are advocating for a second Republican Party. Not exactly a big tent party is it? Race and gender? Big tent. Political ideology? Very small tent. Florida voted overwhelmingly to raise the minimum wage. Even Red counties supported it. The Florida Democratic Party rejected raising the minimum wage as too far left. Several of Florida's conservative candidates lost.
And then AOC actually looked at the data and found something interesting.
Ideology + messaging are the spicy convos a lot of people jump to but sometimes it’s about execution and technical capacity. Digital execution was not good, polls were off, ironically DCCC banned the firms who are the best in the country at Facebook bc they work w progressives! — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 6, 2020
The Democratic Party establishments war on progressives actually bit them in the ass? That's hilarious! At least it would be hilarious if reality had any impact on the Dems. Biden hasn't even officially won and already excuses are being made why why no progressive policies can even be considered.
They campaigned enthusiastically for the more moderate Biden in the general election hoping he’d move to the left once elected. But there’s now no reason for Biden to move left, because he’d be pushing programs that alienate some of the centrists who voted for him yet have no chance of becoming law.
Why oh why does a political party that offers voters nothing, and that publicly and enthusiastically rejects its own base, have difficulty winning elections? It's truly a mystery. But one thing's for certain: it's the fault of the left.
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2020.11.05 23:56 AbsentOtaku Kevin Doesn't Think Anything Is Wrong With The Country, And Then Tries To Shift The Burden Of Proof

A little bit of context: The class this chat is taken from was one where we were discussing policing issues in the country, as well as how the racism in policing remains today and seeps up the chain of command. In this conversation we were talking about Trump and his 2016 campaign, and how his famous MAGA slogan had its roots in racism, namely how much worse America used to be.
Names changed, of course.
Legend: CS: Convo Starter
RC: Republican Classmate
Jen, Rihanna: Two classmates I couldn't come up with anything for
Me: Meticulous Epicurean /s
Kevin: Kowtowing eternally vainly, invested in neoliberalism
Kevin #2: Someone who came to Kevin's defense.

Mind the timestamps.
13:55:38 From Red Classmate: I don’t see how trumps slogan tells us he wants white supremacy
13:57:54 From Convo Starter: That was something I'd like to bring up, what does "Make Ameria Great Again" mean to you guys?
13:58:05 From CS: America*
13:58:40 From Kevin : seems inclusive to me
13:58:42 From CS : Ik it means different things to everyone, so I just wanted to see some opinions on both sides
13:58:48 From Jen : what are we writing down??
13:59:05 From Me : It basically translates to "step aside with those ideas, Obama, let a money-hemhorraging multi-millionaire run this place like a business with shareholders I value more than my consumers."
13:59:37 From CS : Can you elaborate a little bit, Kevin?
14:00:44 From Kevin : its a general statement not an exclusive statement. He wants to make all of America great again
14:00:57 From Me : Define "great" and "again".
14:01:01 From Jen : ^
14:01:58 From CS : That's what I was wondering as well, the statement implies America used to be better, what was worse about America prior to the President's election?
14:02:25 From RC : If you (anyone) thinks America is perfect and doesn’t need change then you’re the issue. America does need change and needs to be great again.
14:02:25 From Me : Obama's (or Bush's) specifically?
14:02:35 From Kevin : We are the police of the world, a world super power, we sent people to the moon with less technology than what we have in our pocket now. Other countries came to us for aid and we could assist.
14:02:39 From Rihanna : ^^^^ exactly, what changed that made America so bad that it needed reform?
14:04:16 From Someone : It is certainly not fair.
14:04:23 From Peanut Gallery : ^^
14:04:23 From Me : Yeah, and people were still protesting racial equality. If we wanted to be a technological/humanitarian superpower we'd have elected Elon Musk.
14:06:25 From RC : Obama is always seen by people of color especially as a hero for people of color. That wasn’t the case. He didn’t do much for them.
14:06:53 From CS : Can you provide more info on that?
14:08:01 From RC : unployment of black people was higher than it is now. Our economy wasn’t doing well either. He didn’t do much. Trump has helped both of those issues.
14:08:19 From Jen : What actions did trump take to help
14:08:34 From PG : ^^^^
14:09:04 From Me : Them both doing little if anything does not vilify only one.
14:09:08 From CS : Can you provide us with statistics of black unemployment between the presidents?
14:09:12 From Jen : Is it possible that things just happened to improve over time?
14:09:18 From Kevin : redid NAFTA, trade agreement with china, cut corporate tax
14:09:54 From RC : He passed multiple bills and changed multiple trade laws that opened up our economy. He created thousands of jobs that provided employment for people of color.
14:10:14 From Me : I want numbers.
14:10:17 From Jen : ^
14:10:26 From PG : ^
14:10:30 From Kevin : google it
14:10:38 From Me : The burden's on YOU.
14:10:41 From CS : You guys are the one's provoding the argument
14:10:50 From CS : providing*
14:10:54 From Kevin : do some of the work yourself
14:10:55 From Jen : Even if it did help unemployment, how did that directly help unemployment with POC?
14:11:20 From Jen : in college papers you have to provide your own numbers and not just tell us to look it up, just saying
14:11:21 From CS : If you are writing an essay, do you ask the teacher to do the research themselves?
14:11:37 From PG : ^
14:11:37 From Jen : Saying look it up doesn’t present a solid argument
14:11:43 From CS : In a discussion like this, I'm not going to run off of statements
14:11:58 From Kevin : im asking a student to challenge the beiefs they have been given
14:12:03 From Jen : I could tell you anything and just say look it up and you could find something about anything
14:12:22 From Me : And I'm asking you to provide evidence for your beliefs.
14:12:54 From Kevin : disprove my beliefs
14:13:01 From Jen : That’s not how it works
14:13:14 From PG2 : explain them first lmaooo
14:13:18 From Jen : if you’re gonna make an argument you have to back it
14:13:35 From CS : I have challenged my beliefs, I leaned towards the republican side of the political compass during high school. But since I've been exposed to the world more, I believe I've moved towards the democratic side of things
14:13:54 From Kevin : if you have a belief back it up and we can talk
14:13:57 From CS : I even changed my party on my voting information
14:14:09 From CS : That's your job at the moment
14:14:10 From Kevin #2 : damn Kevins going innnnn haha!! why is everyone getting so made at this guy chillllll, its his beliefs, his opinions.
14:14:10 From Jen : … Kevin that’s literally what we’re asking you to do
14:14:14 From Me : MMM, that's some tasty hypocrisy, Kevin!
14:14:19 From PG : lol
14:14:47 From Jen : how can you tell us to back up our belief when you can’t even back up our own?
14:14:59 From Jen : Your own*
14:15:12 From Irrelevant: Say what you want about Trump, he wasn't the one who said "you ain't black" if you don't vote for him.
14:15:15 From CS : Personally, I have not to my knowledge made any claims here. In my eyes, the one bringing up a claim brings the responsibility to them to give evidence
14:15:15 From Rihanna : we just asked to bring up some facts lol it's not that deep
14:15:17 From PG2 : jen just dropped the mic
14:15:29 From Kevin #2 : Isnt it funny how Biden even said he cant win the election and that "we can only re-elect trump" funny how that happens
14:15:33 From Kevin : Which beliefs would you like data on?
14:16:08 From Me : "He passed multiple bills and changed multiple trade laws that opened up our economy. He created thousands of jobs that provided employment for people of color." Name 'em.
14:16:13 From Kevin #2 : "poor black kids are just as talented as white kids"
14:16:14 From Jen : The funny part is most of us haven’t even made statements about our beliefs… some just felt challenged when we asked proof from those who did state their beliefs
14:16:49 From Kevin : the statement quoted is not mine
14:16:59 From Kevin #2 : ya its bidens lol
14:17:33 From Me : Whoops. ^^;
14:18:43 From Jen : all I gotta say is all humans deserve basic human rights… and that shouldn’t depend on political party or who’s president
14:18:51 From PG : ^^
14:19:26 From CS : I wanted to know why you think the make america great again statement was inclusive, and how our conditions hve improved during this presidency
14:19:43 From CS : Because currently we are in a pandemic and are filled with protests
14:20:08 From Kevin : riots
14:20:22 From Kevin #2 : *riots
14:20:27 From Me : I wonder what it says that despite protests and COVID the phrase "Keep America Great" is synonymous with trump
14:20:29 From CS : fair enough, how are these improved conditions
14:20:30 From CS : ?
14:20:32 From RC : As an example of trade. Obama shutdown a large part of Maines coast to fishing for the US. Maine lost a great deal of income. Trump asked the government why it was even closed and no one could answer as to why. He since opened it and the economy has seen a good growth in Maine.
14:21:01 From Me : Environmental regulations says what.
14:21:08 From PG : omg
I don't think anyone really won that discussion, not for lack of trying.

EDIT: A name slipped through the cracks.
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2020.11.05 21:12 crackedtooth163 The Ascension War NOW

In another thread elsewhere, I got some upvotes as to how the Nephandi infiltrating the Technocracy was affecting the chronicle. Instead of posting there and hijacking the convo, I just thought I would put what I am working on here. In my chronicle the Disparate Crafts are the new "main characters" with the Council of Nine sorta kinda fading into the background a bit(enough to give the Disparate some screen time, at least). The Disparate Crafts view the Nephandi as the big problem and are keeping an eye on the Technocracy as well as the Council and have stumbled onto something big that it seems only they can handle...
The Disparate Crafts rise to prominence in a very subtle fashion, and refer to themselves simply as the Circle of Crafts (or the Disparate Union or the Council of Dis, depending on whose nose they wish to tweak today). The fractions of these original traditions who joined parts of the Council of Nine as well as the Technocratic Union as minor sub-factions are in fact sleeper agents, having been volunteered to be manipulated via use of Mind magics to monitor those two larger groups for Nephandic influence and unconsciously flag their handlers should any sign be found. These sleeper agents are invariably of minor skill though great dedication, usually having lost a friend or family member to the Nephandi in some way. They are aware of their limited abilities and are actually encouraged to be mediocre in their practices, as they are there to watch, not attract attention.
The Circle of Crafts is as follows:
Ahl-i-Batin: A "Council" Craft(i.e. one that is more closely affiliated or associated with the Council of Nine than the Technocratic Union), the Subtle Ones originally dropped out of the Council of Nine to do battle more directly with the Nephandi, although they still have a strong hatred for the Technocracy. One of the pivotal forces behind the Circle, they worked with the Hollow Ones to create the Mind rotes necessary for Union and Council infiltration, although they continue to prefer to use Correspondence, which they continue to call Connection in day to day life. Use of yoga and meditation are common focuses, although reality hacking and chaos magic are used when they must be vulgar. Despite being a Council craft, they have not infiltrated any of the Nine Traditions due to their former association with them- they fear they would be discovered by the more paranoid Order of Hermes quite readily.
Bata'a: A Council Craft, the Bata'a have been strongly associated with the Dreamspeakers, Celestial Chorus and Verbena for centuries, although they remain their own Craft. For their part, they are only mildly interested in the Circle of Crafts if only because they are not merely allowed but encouraged to retain their own culture within the organization, and not forced to become part of the aforementioned organizations. They have a simmering hatred for the Technocratic Union, but accept that the Nephandi are the greater threat, and believe that they are more active in the Union than the Council. Voudoun, Santeria, and other traditional, respectful(though not especially humble) invocations of Spirit in cultures directly affected by Catholicism(not necessarily Christianity as a whole) remain focuses, with general shamanism, medicine- and craft-work coming into play when things get vulgar, usually with respect to Life. They have infiltrated the Dreamspeakers and Celestial Chorus in small to modest numbers, and while this is appreciated, much of the Circle feels these two Traditions are at the low-end of risk with respect to being corrupted by the Nephandi.
The Children of Knowledge: A Council Craft, only they have a greater relationship with the Council of Nine Traditions than the Ahl-i-Batin. They are wholeheartedly behind the Circle despite their low numbers, which they feel is because of the Technocracy's efforts to discredit alchemy as a science. However in recent years, they have begun to make use of internet conspiracy theories to dispense ideas almost like a low-rent YouTube Paradigma, and are slowly regaining support. While they hate the Nephandi due to the rote used in the fall of Doissistep as well as for more obvious reasons, they have a simmering hatred for both Technocracy and Council for betrayals both real and perceived. The Children of Knowledge traditionally make use of Matter and Prime, but as the push for legalized narcotics grows, Mind and Entropy are becoming increasing popular. Alchemy via substance use is the primary focus of this group, be it coincidental or vulgar. They have infiltrated the Order of Hermes to the point that they have their own House, and often point to this as a great success of their Craft, although the Ahl-i-Batin feel that they are but one mistake away from being found out. To cover this up, the infiltrating Children have resurrected the ancient name of Solificati, and have an ongoing "war" with the upstart Children.
Hollow Ones: A Council Craft in name only due to their relationship with the Council of Nine, the Hollow Ones- who are considering changing their name to Les Orpheline Noir in acknowledgement of their accomplishment- are over the moon with respect to their new digs. They are in many ways the glue that keeps the Circle together, acting as messengers and couriers within and agents provocateur without. Still a bit giddy, only the wisest among them realize that they are perhaps the most exposed and even disposable of their new order. Some take this in stride, noting that their craft lost two of its most powerful members at doissetep, and are eager to return the favor by taking the fight to the Nephandi; others have yet to so much as stir in their ennui. The Craft's lack of focus and even preferred Spheres or rotes means that their individual potent mages often contribute more to the cause than the group does(especially if they are gifted in the Mind sphere), but it is important to note that they have not infiltrated any of the Traditions or Conventions- many of the more potent mages among Les Orpheline Noir are simply too well known to either side.
Kopa Loei: The most taciturn of an already secretive alliance, the Kopa Loei are neither a Council Craft or a Union Craft- they simply are. Much like the Bata'a, they joined the Circle because it meant that they could practice their cultural and magical traditions without being subsumed by a larger entity. While they too hate the Nephandi- or the Great Shadows, as they call them- they are possessed of an even greater distrust of the Council and the Technocracy due to the efforts of both sides to assimilate their culture underneath a wave of progress. There are many who feel that if the Circle does dissolve, the Kopa Loei will be the first to go. While they do not observe the traditional Sphere paradigm of Eurocentric mages, the Kopa Loei are the most known for their skill with Prime and Correspondence. Much like the Hollow Ones and a few others, they have infiltrated neither Tradition nor Convention, but, again, do this out of a desire to be left alone, preferring to spending time with the unawakened among their people and encouraging their traditional lifestyle. Despite this, there are rumors that the craft has a collection of tiny islands for the Circle to use as a fallback position in times of great need.
Ngoma: The Ngoma are perhaps the one Craft to join the Circle out of desire, not need or enmity. They have a Africa-based but globe spanning support network, and are perhaps the most financially and temporally stable member of the Circle outside of the Ahl-i-Batin, Taftini or Wu Lung. While they fight the Nephandi as much as any member of the Circle, they have a more laid-back approach to the Council and the Union, believing that aggressively fighting would lead to catastrophic destruction for the unAwakened as it has in the past with the African diaspora. However, they are certainly not letting either organization off the hook for their past prejudicial and exploitative practices and prefer to one-up them when possible, wanting to leave their rivals embarrassed, not dead. The magical practices of the Craft rely heavily upon traditional languages, exercises, medicinal practices and, strangely enough to some, the Art of Desire associated with the Syndicate along with the rare bit of hypertech. They have a considerable distaste for vulgar works and so rarely explore spheres outside of Life, Mind, and Spirit, as they tend to be performed with great subtlety, although Prime is of great importance to the Craft, be it worked coincidentally or through vulgar High Ritual. The Ngoma are a Council Craft, and have heavily infiltrated the Order of Hermes' House Ex Miscellanea to the point that they have their own minor house within that larger one.
The Sisters of Hyppolyta: The Sisterhood is the radical pacifist of the Circle, almost as standoffish as the Kopa Loei but their great attachment to the women of the world- and their desire to stand firm against patriarchy- brings them actively into the fold. Believing the Technocratic Union to be just as dangerous as the Nephandi, they are considered a Council Craft, although they have only had a bare handful of members infiltrate the Verbena and the Dreamspeakers as well, although there are some who feel that the Akashic Brotherhood should felt out next, for they believe that their often sexist practices and preference for unarmed combat put women at risk, and the Sisterhood's own martial traditions would allow them to blend in. As one of the oldest and not especially culturally aligned crafts despite their name, the Sisters possess many ways to explore their preferred spheres of Life and Mind, preferring coincidental medicinal practices with a pagan flair, but uniformly going into group High Ritual for more vulgar effects.
The Taftani: The most mysterious group despite their loud displays of often vulgar magic, the Taftani join the Circle not just to fight the Fallen Ones(Nephandi) or to bloody the nose of the dregvanti(Technocracy), but to share their Asha(Truth/Magic) with the world. Located primarily in the lands of Persia and the "Near East" , they challenge both of their foes openly and aggressively, not bothering to attempt to infiltrate the Technocracy as a Union-Craft beyond filching this or that bit of hypertech, as they prefer to bind djinn into technological devices and near-impossible architectural displays instead of the dusty bottles and rusting lamps of times gone past. Of all the Crafts, the Taftani are the most interested in Awakening sleepers, but their tight relationship to their culture means that they do not reach as many mundanes as they could. The spheres of Forces, Prime and Matter are readily explored for they are the flashiest, although the sphere of Spirit is of great cultural importance to them. Unfortunately, the Taftani possess a great love of vulgar magic that does more to bring the attentions of paradox upon them than it does to inspire their fellows to Awakening.
Templar Knights: The strangest part of the Circle by far, the Templar Knights are the sweaty and uncomfortable guy standing in the corner at the party while the cool kids turn up the music and dance. While they respect the ingenuity of infiltrating both Union and Council to hunt for Nephandi, the Templar Knights do not attempt to do so, for they are too well known to both Technocrat and Traditionalists- their magical practices are too obviously related to the ancient Cabal of Pure Thought and the Order of Reason in general for any duplicitous activities to go undiscovered for long, although a very exceptional two or five have made their way into the Celestial Chorus- a Tradition that needs little monitoring, but still. Overall, the Templars are happy to act as the Circle's fire support, being called upon directly only on those rare occasions where combat is imminent and be otherwise left alone. While occasional friendly overtures are made, both Templar Knight and Circle Crafter are too aware of the bad, bloody history between them, and each side is eager to let some time go by before attempting to grow closer. Their magic(although they are loathe to use that term) is bound in their religious iconography, heavy firearms, sainted relics and whispered prayers. Forces, Life, Mind and Prime are their preferred spheres with a heavy eye towards coincidental magic, although some effects are too vulgar to be explained through simple prayer.
Wu Lung: The champions of the Middle Kingdom are reluctant to make alliance with the unwashed masses of the West, but as the Technocracy rises and China's socioeconomic fortunes become slaved to a global economy controlled by the Syndicate, only the Wu Lung, placed as they are, can adequately represent China's interests in this new world. A strange mirror-meld of the society and philosophy of the Ngoma and Kopa Loei, the Wu Lung are a part of the Circle only because they feel the Traditions remain too Eurocentric in general and the Akashic Brotherhood in particular are ignorant of China's position as a world leader. While the Nephandi are fought viciously when they arise- damned servants of the Yama Kings!- the Traditions and the Technocracy must instead be guided into their proper places: where they can be of the most use to China, and thereby the Wu Lung. To this end, they have infiltrated the Order of Hermes as House Hong Lei, and a few rogues have made their way into the Akashic Brotherhood, although they step carefully here as it was not long ago to the Wu Lung that the Akashic Brotherhood were hated enemies- and given the relationship between the Akasha and the Mind sphere, some have very long memories indeed. A very few have made their way into the Syndicate, but their reliance on hypereconomics does not mesh well with the Wu Lung's paradigm and so only the most disposable of their children find their way into the Union. Much like the Kopa Loei, they do not use the Sphere paradigm to explain their magics, preferring a Rote-based and culturally flavored paradigm, although they undoubtably favor Spirit, Matter and Life, and make use of traditional medicines, exercises, alchemic practices, martial arts, and High Rituals to channel their only occasionally vulgar effects. They are perhaps best known in the Circle for providing considerable intelligence and financial support in sudden grand displays and then disappearing completely, apparently believing the occasional- and erratic- act of material charity is more than enough to cement their partnership with the fellows.
The Balamob and Iz'yat: Mayan priests and seers respectively. Much like the Kopa Loei and Wu Lung, they are primarily interested in the affairs of their people, but unlike these two, the mixing of blood over millennia as well as the increased popularity of their ways via 2012 conspiracy theories have resulted in a small resurgence of this Craft in unusual areas all over the world, and although their numbers are too low for them to risk infiltrating either the Council or the Union, Craft members in places no one would expect, least of all the Nephandi. The Balamob prefer Prime, Life and Forces, while the Iz'yat are renown for their understanding of Time. Both groups make use of medicine, craft and bloody High Rituals for both coincidental and vulgar effects, although the Iz'yat have recently become famous for use of hypermathematics/hypertech.
The Thunder Society: This collection of Native American mages make the Kopa Loei seem garrulous. Insulted in the extreme a millenia ago by the Council who thought they were Dreamspeakers(whom they were actually fighting with at the time!), they have avoided the attention of the Technocracy by staying exclusively with their people. They are actually a collection of Uktena and not a few Wendigo kinfolk who work magic exclusively for the Garou. Although considered "good" kinfolk[which sets the teeth of these people- who can literally rework reality itself- on edge], they have joined the Circle out of a desire to not just have autonomy and respect for the ways of their people by their fellow mages, but also to get out from under the suffocating embrace of the Garou, who so far are completely ignorant of what their Kin have done. The Thunder Society is considered a Council Craft, although they have not infiltrated any traditions due to their fear of being discovered as Kinfolk- something they keep even from their Circle bretheren, which the Society views with no small amount of shame. They prefer the Prime and Spirit spheres almost to a man, and make use of High Ritual, traditional medicine, and traditional crafts exclusively. They hate vulgar magic almost as much as the Ngoma do, believing the oft resultant paradox to be the manifestation of Gaia's wrath.
The Uzoma: Similar to the Thunder Society and a few others, the Uzoma are mages aligned with a specific culture- that of the Yoruba- although they are not as secretive as their fellows. They focus entirely on communion with spirits to the point that knowledge of other Spheres of magic is rare. They focus on Yoruba prayer, rituals and philosophies, and work primarily with their people and their descendants, and although they are unafraid to work with people of other cultures, they are known to charge people known to be directly descended from those who made their ancestors suffer a premium. They were earmarked to infiltrating the Dreamspeakers at one point of time however this plan was largely been abandoned in favor of simply offering Spirit support for their fellow Crafters. Confusing them with the more cosmopolitan Ngoma or more Catholic and American Bata'a is the fastest way to earn their enmity.
Navalon: In many ways, Navalon are a more aggressive version of the Templar Knights. Making use of stereotypical Union hypertech and hypermathematics to channel their preferred Spheres of Forces, Prime, Matter and Mind, Navalon has aggressively infiltrated the Union in each faction but with the least presence in the Progenitors and New World Order. They monitor for Nephandi around the clock, but also make cautious inroads with more idealistic minds of the Union, trying to bring back the ideals of the White Tower. In practice this rarely works, and most are given the respect and time of day the average Technocrat would give to the average Daedleans or Friend of Courage- much to the average Navalonian's chagrin and benefit. While the Friends of Courage are a bit insane, they have doubled as something of a shell organization for Navalons who have infiltrated- Project Invictus is too close to Union higher ups to offer such camouflage. They are a small part of the Circle, but the only one who have infiltrated the Union to the degree that they have. Despite being understandably close to the Templar Knights, they are close to most other parts of the Circle as well, somehow having escaped the poor reputation that follows former members of the Technocratic Union.
The Mirainohmen: Sometimes just called the Nohmen or the Nohgumi, these are the ciphers of the Union side of the Crafters. They are small but growing fellowship of technomages and linked to Japanese culture(although not necessarily the Japanese people). They infiltrate the Union where they can, but have a reputation for taking out not just Nephandi but also Technocrats who have, in their opinion, either strayed from their path or have somehow otherwise erred. Iteration X and the Syndicate are the main targets of their ire for reasons unknown. They are far more subtle than the other Union-crafts, preferring to focus on Mind, Entropy and Spirit spheres- strange choices for techno-mages!. They tend to mask their magics via use of psychic abilities, which can attracts a great deal of paradox unless done in complete solitude or with people who are also believers- many take the Cult background with an eye towards everything from otaku to spoon benders to conspiracy theorist in order to keep their magic coincidental.
The Go Kamisora Gama: Sometimes referred to as simply the Kamisoragumi, these guys are the Templar Knights on steroids. They are comprised of mages of exclusively Japanese origin drawn from one of five specific bloodlines(not necessarily families), and do not care for Tradition or Technocrat with respect to fighting the Nephandi- literally each and every one of the Fallen must die, along with any unfortunates who have come into contact with them to minimize the chance of their corruption spreading through the unAwakened. Originally very much akin to the Akashic Brotherhood, in recent years they have taken to use of hypertech with a distinctly ninja flare- monofilament blades, explosive shuriken and the like- to channel their preferred Spheres of Correspondence, Forces, and Entropy with only an occasional outburst of vulgar magic in their zeal. They do not care for attempting to infiltrate the larger organizations to fight their foes, instead relying on being contacted by a sleeper agent that is already on the inside for quick elimination of targets. That sometimes the target includes the mage who dropped the dime means that this part of the Circle is rarely called upon by their allies and has a sinister reputation, however perhaps in an attempt to mitigate this, any member of the Go Kamisora Gama who kills a Craft mage as a part of their duties has 48 hours to commit seppuku or they will be hunted down and killed by their fellows- and possibly subjected to gilgul, to boot.
Red Thorn Dedicants: The last of the Circle of Crafts, the Red Thorn are the Verbena on speed. They undertake only the bloodiest of rites to fuel their Life-magics, and often leave other Spheres behind in their pursuit. They are happy to be a part of the Circle, although their High Ritual and sacrifices are either stomach churning, vulgar, or both. They have infiltrated the Verbena as well as the Progenitors, to the great surprise of all, and watch both of these groups seriously for Nephandic influence. There are some who whisper that the Thorn's practices come to close to those of the Nephandi, but that is dismissed by any who have seen these mages at work- they know it is the Marauds they favor...
The Council of Nine Traditions retains this title, although younger mages refer to themselves as the Council of Spheres, as the Tecnnocracy does not believe in this approach to magic.
The Akashic Brotherhood renames itself simply the Akasha, with the philosophy of the group changing from one of mastering the mind via mastering the body using Do as a martial art and more of an exploration of memory as a whole, with a focus on Do as a type of shared, primal memory with both combat and peaceful aspects. Opening themselves up to less Asia-centric ways, they blossom in time, with power bases all over the world.
The Celestial Chorus returns to its older name of the Choeur Celeste, focusing on the music of the divine and less so on the divinity itself, feeling that they were losing themselves in a very Judeo-Christian mindset that alienated anyone not of those two faiths. Aside from this, they change little, and although there remains a very Christian core of the Choeur, there is a greater focus on overall harmony and hearing not so much the Voice of the One, but the Song of the Divine.
The Cult of Ecstasy becomes the Ecstatique, or the Exstasis, those who break out of stagnancy and into something else, something MORE. While pleasure remains a potent drive/reward and the Lakashim a major influence within the group, there is more of a focus on breaking Time-based barriers and stepping out of oneself. This is a slightly more serious group, preferring ordeals that noticeably shatter perceptions of reality.
The Dreamspeakers become the Spirit-talkers, dropping the outdated and somewhat racist perceptions of their former title and going for a less exotic name for something that appears in every culture. They make an uncharacteristic grab for something the unenlightened(note the lower case e) confuse for power but is instead an acceptance and then transcendence of the council's needlessly Eurocentric viewpoint, adopting a less animistic and more global perspective for their will working based on communication with- and representation for- the unseen, not so much communion with the unknown. Not a few mages skilled in the Spirit sphere leave their original Traditions to join this new group, giving it a very pluralistic face.
The Euthanatos become the Chakravanti, and focus less on the Good Death and more on Turning The Wheel, doing everything they can to separate themselves from the jhor that had plagued the tradition in the past. While they certainly do not give up the seat of Entropy, they do as much work with the Sphere of Life as they do with the Entropy, and adopt a "take-out-put-in" approach to magic that improves their reputation almost as much as the name-change does.
The Order of Hermes, once seen as the de facto leaders of the Council, step down in that role after Doissistep, instead focusing inwards to reconstruct their numerous individual houses into a more perfect union to better avoid the infighting that plagued them. They know, much to their shame, that it was a simple Mind rote that brought out the anger and paranoia that had been simmering under the surface when Doissistep fell. House Ex Miscellenea is dissolved, with each house instead being its own unique entity, although this is not known outside of the Order. Technology is encouraged as it seems that it is the new accepted magic of the age, and a tentative agreement to accept all of the Nine Traditions as individual Houses within Hermes is brought up, but ultimately defeated by nay-sayers.
The Sons of Ether become the Aether Engineers, dedicated to not just the study of Ether but its practical uses. Disdaining the anti-social mad scientist tendencies of the past, this new incarnation is younger, more outgoing, and more focused on the possibilities ether can provide for those still asleep, not so much on one-upping each other- or the Union, for that matter. The ether is all- hence the Aether pseudonym. The tradition delves into on the recent popularity of steampunk and other -punk very strongly, and while there is a very strong cleaving to Science, wonder and imagination are encouraged as well.
The Verbena do not change in the slightest, other than to remind others to refer to them as the Verbenae.
The Virtual Adepts become the Adeptus Elite- their mastery of space and time is not virtual but very real and complete. They make use of not Correspondence but Data as a sphere, doing everything they can to reclaim it from the Technocratic Union. Data is essentially Reality 2.0- and they will fight to defend it.
The Technocratic Union, also undergoes some changes. The biggest is that the New World Order attempts to ratchet down on the infighting by reaching out to their biggest rival, the Syndicate. The Syndicate is essentially hired by the NWO to handle disbursements WITHIN the agency, and as a result the two groups become quite close. By the time the average Syndicate agent realizes there is something wrong, it is too late. It isn't so much as a civil war as it is an acquisition, and the Syndicate essentially loses the Disbursements part of the organization to the NWO. After that any fighting is over long before it begins- with the Feed essentially replacing Media Control, The Syndicate is down to Financiers, Enforcers(something the NWO has a considerable edge in), and Special Projects Division, whom no one has heard from in ages. In essence, the Union goes from Five Metal Dragons to Four, and although the Syndicate still exists on paper, it has largely been hollowed out by the New World Order and is a place young agents go to make names for themselves as whip-crackers over what's left of the true Syndicate, or for older ones to retire on the largesse of the Syndicate-that-was. Some take to calling the New World Order the New World Syndicate, but this name is shot down as too divisive by the Ivory Tower(still used behind their backs). This makes life considerably better for the NWO on a day to day level. In fact, they enjoy a new renaissance as the merger with the Syndicate means their lives become much easier, with what's left of Media Control backing up the Feed, Enforcers alongside Black and Grey Suits(although never White), and with the Financiers firmly in hand(or pocket), the Time Table is essentially theirs to control along with the occasional word from Iteration X and the Progenitors.
Naturally, the remaining conventions are horrified. Yes, the Syndicate had fucked up- but there was no need for this kind of hostile takeover. It pushes the Void Engineers more or less off planet to focus entirely on their war with Threat Null(which kicks into overdrive). Iteration X neatly divides between joining the Void Engineers in the fight, working to get more of their procedures to be accepted by the masses(usually without the help of the NWO(S)) and making contact with the Computer, keeping their cards tight to their chest. As a Convention, only the Progenitors are left to take on the NWO in any direct fashion- and they know they are not adept at fisticuffs, Damage Control can't hold a candle to the Blacks and Greys. So they continue to play along, although they make sure that the lion's share of clones they create are loyal to their convention above all. The Technocratic Union does not so much fall apart as it does shed its false skin- the NWO are in charge, and everyone else toes the party line...or else.
This change takes even the Nephandi by surprise, who had been modestly infiltrating the Union, but not nearly to the extent that the Circle of Crafts believes. They continue their path much as they had before, bringing corruption and eventual destruction, but more focus on exploiting the confusion created by the Avatar Storm than leading individual mages by the nose to the Wyrm or whatever it is they serve- it is so much more fun to leave their opponents scratching their heads than it is to lead them to the slaughterhouse. That said, they have approached both Control and the Computer on multiple occasions, and their rebukes have grown softer over time.
The big upset occurs when during an operation by a Council of Dis mage that has infiltrated the lower levels of what remains of the Syndicate discovers a small time nephandus and calls for support via the mind rote unconsciously at the same time a loyalist of the Syndicate calls in an Enforcer to handle the "problem". It is discovered by both teams of legbreakers that this is not a nephandi at all, but actually a Dalou'laoshi that is about to go maraud. While the problem is handled, the Five Metal Dragons(the real ones this time) are truly exposed, and for an organization that prides itself upon unity, the Technocracy loses its shit over this. A low-key civil war erupts, and the Progenitors and several discontent members of what remains of the Syndicate make their move to dislodge the New World Order from its seat of power. The Council of Dis slowly feeds this information to the Council of Nine, and overtures are made to disrupt the Technocracy from within.
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The policy was added but it looks like the team are going to remove it site wide! Thank you to Bridget of the Roobet support team for being awesome and FINALY having legit answers :)

hey guys...This is an upsetting post to make as it is very sketchy on roobets part...They have updated the AML behind our backs and not publiclythe current AML as of 05/11/2020 - 9:00am EST
AML Policy For Cash Deposits and Cash Withdraws. (AMLI Anti-Money-Laundering policy of The objective of the AML Policy: We seek to offer the highest security to all of our users and customers on for that a three-step account verification is done to ensure the identity of our customers. The first step is general KYC, second and third steps are advanced Anti Money Laundering checks. In doubt, we may add a fourth step for clarification. The reason behind this is to prove that the details of the person registered are correct and the deposited values are not stolen or being used by someone else, which is to create the general framework for the fight against money laundering. We also take into the accord that depending on the nationality and origin, the way of payment and for withdrawing different safety measurements must be taken. also puts reasonable measures in place to control, limit, and avoid ML risk, including dedicating the appropriate means. is committed to high standards of anti-money laundering (AML) according to the EU guidelines, compliance and requires management & employees to enforce these standards in preventing the use of its services for money laundering purposes. TekHou5 Limited also takes additional safety measures to handle the higher risk of payments made with cryptocurrencies. The AML program of is designed to be compliant with : EU : “Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of The Council of 20 May 2015 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering” EU : “Regulation 2015/847 on information accompanying transfers of funds” EU : Various regulations imposing sanctions or restrictive measures against persons and embargo on certain goods and technology, including all dual-use goods BE : “Law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of money laundering limitation of the use of cash Definition of money laundering: Money Laundering is understood as: The conversion or transfer of property, especially money, but not exclusively money,knowing that such property is derived from criminal activity or from taking part in such activity, to conceal or disguise the illegal origin of the property or of helping any person who is involved in the commission of such an activity to evade the legal consequences of that person or companies action; The concealment or disguise of the true nature, source, location, disposition, movement, rights with respect to, or ownership of, property, knowing that such property is derived from criminal activity or an act of participation in such activity; The acquisition, possession or use of property, knowing, at the time of receipt, that such property was derived from criminal activity or from assisting in such activity; Participation in, association to commit, attempts to commit and aiding, abetting, facilitating, and counseling the commission of any of the actions referred to in points before. In addition, untaxed income, such as black money, shall not be accepted and reported to the corresponding government agency to ensure fair taxation and legal prosecution. Money laundering shall be regarded as such even when the activities which generated the property to be laundered were carried out in the territory of another Member State or in that of a third country. Organization of the AML for In accordance with the AML legislation, has appointed the “highest level” for the prevention of ML: The full management of TekHou5 Limited. is in charge and responsible. Furthermore, an AMLCO (Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer) is in charge of the enforcement of the AML policy and procedures within the System. The AMLCO is also in charge of constantly adjusting the AML to deal with all upcoming difficulties when preventing Money Laundering. (temporally Max Smithwith support of the Legal Department) . The AMLCO is placed under the direct responsibility of the general Management and part of the extended Management. AML policy changes and implementation requirements: Each major change of AML policy is subject to be approved by the general management of TekHou5 Limited and the Anti-money laundering compliance officer. Three-step Verification: Step one verification: - KYC Step one verification is a simple KYC (Know your customer), which must be done by every user and customer to withdraw. Regarding the choice of payment, the amount of payment, the amount of withdrawing, the choice of withdrawing, and nationality of the usecustomer step one verification must be done first. Step one verification is an online document that must be filled out by the usecustomer himself faithfully. The following information must be filled in: first name, second name, date of birth, country of usual residence. We do not allow any withdraws of funds until the KYC is filled in and approved. In case of misinformation or unfaithful filling in we may hold the funds until the KYC is approved. We may ask you to do Step two verification first before withdrawing any funds if you filled in intentionally wrong information’s in the KYC online document. Step two verification: AML 1 Step two verification, an ID check, and electronic origin check must be done by every user which deposit over 2000$ (two thousand Dollar) or withdraws over 2000$ (two thousand Dollar) or sends another user over 1000$ (one thousand Dollar), over the period of 24 months. Until step two verification is done the withdraw, tip, or deposit will be held. Step to verification will lead the user or customer to a subpage where he must submit his ID. The usecustomer has to take a picture of his ID, while a paperclip with a six-digit random generated number is next to his ID: Only an official ID may be used for ID verification, depending on the country the variety of accepted IDs may be different. (Normally these are: Driving license, Passport, Identity card. Depending on your country of origin this may variate) There will also be an electronic check if the filled-in Data from the step one verification, the KYC, match. The electronic check will check via two different databanks to insure the given information matches with the filled document and the name from the ID. In addition, this electronic check crosschecks the origin of the usecustomer as well as his state of residence and address. If the electronic test fails or is not possible the usecustomer is required to send in confirmation of his current residence. A certificate of registration by the government or a similar document is required. In cases where no such certificate exists the utility bills of the last 6 months may be used. Step three verification: AML 2 Step three verification, verification of the source of funds, must be done by every user which deposit over 5000$ (five thousand Dollar) or withdraws over 5000$ (five thousand Dollar) or sends another user over 3000$ (three thousand Dollar), over the period of 24 months. Until step three verification is done the withdraw, tip, or deposit will be held. For step 3 a usecustomer will be asked for a source of wealth.The usecustomer has to upload a document proving his source of wealth via a subpage. Source of funds If a player deposits over a five thousand euro there is a process of understandings the source of wealth (SOW) Examples of SOW are: Ownership of business Employment Inheritance Investment Family The origin and legitimacy of that wealth must be clearly understood. If this is not possible an employee may ask for an additional document or prove. Customer identification and verification (KYC- AML 1) The formal identification of customers on entry into commercial relations is a vital element, both for the regulations relating to money laundering and for the KYC policy. This identification relies on the following fundamental principles: A copy of your passport, ID card, or driving license, each shown alongside a handwritten note mentioning six random generated numbers. Please note that all four corners of the ID have to be visible in the same image and all details have to be readable besides the named above. An employee may do additional checks if necessary, based on the situation. Proof of Address: Proof of address will be done via different electronic checks, which use two different databases. For our electronic checks, we use the services of UNISERV, you may check their Privacy Policy under If an electronic test fails, the usecustomer has the option to make a manually proof of address. A recent utility bill sent to your registered address, issued within the last 6 months or an official document made by the government which proofs your state of residence. To make the approval process as speedy as possible, please make sure the document is sent with a clear resolution where all four corners of the document are visible, and all text is readable. For example, an electricity bill, water bill, bank statement, or any governmental post addressed to you. An employee may do additional checks if necessary, based on the situation. Basic online document for KYC: The basic document will be accessible via the setting page on Every user has to fill out the following information’s: First name Second name Nationality Date of Birth The document will be saved and created by an AI, an employee may do additional checks if necessary based on the situation. Sanctions, Persons and Entities of Special Interest as well as PEPS. The database is used for screenings of open sanctions. The website is a global database of persons and companies of political, criminal, or economic interest. It combines the most important sanctions lists, databases of politically exposed persons, and other public information into a single easy-to-access dataset. It Cross-checks leeks and public databases for possible conflicts of interests and signs of illicit activity, it tracks political conflicts and compare worldwide sanctions policies and checks potential customers and partners in international dealings. The project includes sanctions lists, lists of politicians, ban lists used in government procurement, lists of known terrorists, and other data sources relevant to journalistic research and due diligence. In order to facilitate the use of this database, has created a script that incorporates the OpenSanctions search engine on the website. The user will sign up and must add his/her name and email address, our script. Before they move onto the next stage of checks a script extracts their name and scans this through the database to ensure that they are not a listed person. If the results come back negative, the customer will not be able to enter the site and we will inform authorities. will also have a subscription to Furthermore, will be supported by UNISERV in their checks for possible fraud, companies of political, criminal interests. Their advanced system is fully in cooperated in the intern system from TekHou5 Limited. Risk management: In order to deal with the different risks and different states of wealth in different regions on the earth. will categorize every nation in three different regions of risk. Region one: Low risk: For every nation from the region one, the three-step verification is done as described earlier. Region two: Medium risk: For every user from any nation, which is on the medium-risk list AML verification will be done at the lower deposit, withdrawal, and tip thresholds. AML 1 will be done after depositing 1000$ (one thousand Dollars), withdrawing 1000$ (one thousand dollars), or tipping another usecustomer 500$ (five hundred dollars.) AML 2 will be done after depositing 2500$ (two thousand five hundred Dollars), withdrawing 2500$ (two thousand five hundred dollars), or tipping another usecustomer 1000$ (one thousand Dollars). Also, users from a low-risk region that change cryptocurrency in any other currency will be treated like users/customers from a medium risk region. Region three: High risk: Regions of high risks will be banned. High-risk regions will be regularly updated to keep up with the changing environment of a fast-changing world. Cryptocurrency tracking: As a part of TekHou5 Limited´s risk management, every crypto deposit will be automatically checked for abuse. These automated checks will be done via two different platforms simultaneously. First Database is Bitcoin Abuse Network, you may see their Privacy Policy on The second Database is Crystal Blockchain, you may see their Privacy Policy on: Whenever a crypto wallet is shown as fraudulent in one of the two databases the transaction will be automatically frozen. An employee on will look further into the case and investigate. If any fraud is detected the authorities will be informed immediately. Additional measurements. In addition, an AI which is overseen by the AML compliance officer will look for any unusual behavior and report it right away to an employee of According to a risk-based few and general experience, the human employees will recheck all checks which are done bevor by the AI or other employees and may redo or do additional checks according to the situation. In addition, a data Scientist supported by modern, electronic, analytic systems will look for unusual behavior like Depositing and withdrawing without longer Betting sessions. Attempts to use a different Bank account for Deposit and Withdraw, nationality changes, currency changes, behavior and activity changes as well as checks if an account is used by its original owner. Also, a user has to use the same method to Withdraw as he used for Deposit, for the amount of the Initial Deposit to prevent any Money Laundering. Enterprise-wide risk assessment As part of its risk-based approach, has conducted an AML “Enterprise-wide risk assessment” (EWRA) to identify and understand risks specific to and its business lines. The AML risk policy is determined after identifying and documenting the risks inherent to its business lines such as the services the website offers. The Users to whom services are offered, transactions performed by these Users, delivery channels used by the bank, the geographic locations of the bank’s operations, customers and transactions, and other qualitative and emerging risks. The identification of AML risk categories is based on's understanding of regulatory requirements, regulatory expectations, and industry guidance. Additional safety measures are taken to take care of the additional risks the world wide web brings with it. The EWRA is yearly reassessed. The EWRA takes into account the additional risks of cryptocurrencies and online transactions. Ongoing transaction monitoring AML-Compliance ensures that an “ongoing transaction monitoring” is conducted to detect transactions that are unusual or suspicious compared to the customer profile. This transaction monitoring is conducted on three levels : 1) The First Line of Control: works solely with trusted Payment Service Providers who all have effective AML policies in place as to prevent the large majority of suspicious deposits onto from taking place without proper execution of KYC procedures onto the potential customer. 2) The Second Line of Control: makes its network-aware so that any contact with the customer or player or authorized representative must give rise to the exercise of due diligence on transactions on the account concerned. In particular, these include: Requests for the execution of financial transactions on the account; Requests concerning means of payment or services on the account; Also, the multi-step verification with adjusted risk management should provide all necessary information’s about all costumers of at all times. All transactions must be overseen by employees overwatched by the AML compliance officer who is overwatched by the general manager. The specific transactions submitted to the customer support manager, possibly through their Compliance Manager must also be subject to due diligence. Determination of the unusual nature of one or more transactions essentially depends on a subjective assessment, concerning the knowledge of the customer (KYC), their financial behavior, and the transaction counterparty. These checks will be done by an automated system, while an Employee crosschecks them for additional security. The transactions observed on customer accounts for which it is difficult to gain a proper understanding of the lawful activities and origin of funds must therefore rapidly be considered atypical (as they are not directly justifiable). Any staff member must inform the AML division of any atypical transactions which they observe and cannot attribute to a lawful activity or source of income known of the customer. 3) The third Line of Control: As the last line of defense against AML will do manual checks on all suspicious and higher risk users to fully prevent money laundering. If fraud or Money Laundering is found the authorities will be informed. Reporting of Suspicious transactions on In its internal procedures, describes in precise terms, for the attention of its staff members, when it is necessary to report and how to proceed with such reporting. Reports of atypical transactions are analyzed within the AML team following the precise methodology fully described in the internal procedures. Depending on the result of this examination and based on the information gathered, the AML team : will decide whether it is necessary or not to send a report to the FIU, following the legal obligations provided in the Law of 18 September 2017; will decide whether or not it is necessary to terminate the business relations with the customer. Procedures The AML rules, including minimum KYC standards, will be translated into operational guidance or procedures that are available on the Intranet site of In case of conflict, the English guidelines will be exclusively used. Record keeping Records of data obtained for identification must be kept for at least ten years after the business relationship has ended. Records of all transaction data must be kept for at least ten years following the carrying-out of the transactions or the end of the business relationship. These data will be safe, encrypted stored offline, and online. Training: uses advanced AI and machine learning to further improve its AML defense. Also, trained developers constantly improve AI to prevent any security flaws. A specialized Developer is in charge of constant improvements. While at the same time human employees will check and overlook the AI at any time and make manual controls on a risk-based approval for which they get special training. The training and awareness program is reflected by its usage: - A mandatory AML training program following the latest regulatory evolutions, for all in touch with finances - Academic AML learning sessions for all new employees The content of this training program has to be established under the kind of business the trainees are working for and the posts they hold. These sessions are given by an AML-specialist working in the TekHou5 Limited AML team. Auditing Internal audit regularly establishes missions and reports about AML activities. Data Security: All data given by any usecustomer will be kept secure, will not be sold or given to anyone else. Only if forced by law, or to prevent money laundering data may be shared with the AML-authority of the affected state. will follow all guidelines and rules of the data protection directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC) Contact us: If you have any questions about our AML and KYC Policy, please contact us: By email: [email protected] If you have any complaints about our AML and KYC Policy or the checks done on your Account and your Person, please contact us: By email: [email protected] 
Sorry for the Giant block of text but i want to be transparent.
As you can see there is NOTHING in the AML that says you must wagger 25% of your deposit before you can tip/withdraw I made a deposit thinking I could Tip right away because nothing says I cant and support as told me this policy was added in "yesterday" mind you the support i spoke to YESTERDAY...also said it was updated "yesterday" soo they clearly have no idea wtf is going on
I have the full support convo but I will post the main points of what he said.
As you can see they have updated policy in the shadows behind our backs with no visable updates to the AML
This is just a WARNING guys that CLEARLY they can change policy and update things without changing any legal docs on the website as well as letting the community know
TL:DR - Roobet changed policy in order to withdraw and tip you must wagger 25% of the deposit but this is not written ANYWHERE in the TOS or AML Becareful

GOT AN UPDATE FROM SUPPOORT!!![]( like they will be removing the 25% wagger for tips!Took 3 support staff but finaly someone was able to help :)
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