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Joel Embiid for Paul George trade?

2020.09.29 14:41 eduvina Joel Embiid for Paul George trade?

Obviously this is hypothetical and I’ll breakdown on why both teams may agree to this trade. There are only two contingencies in this deal which are obviously needed for this deal to push through
  1. Kawhi throws PG under the bus and wants new partner in crime
  2. Sixers fully commits on building around Simmons
Now, if you won’t buy into this contingency, I’m pretty sure you’ll disagree and it’s okay. Even ESPN experts look stupid when things already play out anyway.
Now going back, assuming the 2 contigencies are established, this will be beneficial for both teams. I believe a fair deal would be
Clippers gives Paul George and Landry Shamet for Sixers’ Joel Embiid
Why Clippers will do it?
  1. Aside from the contigency that Kawhi wants to move on with PG, it makes sense to have a big man as his partner to win another championship. As this playoff tells us, teams with 2 players playing the same role didn’t reach that far. The farthest one was Celtics’ Tatum and Brown. As much as having 2 two-way players in the wing, it’s not as efficient as having all facets covered.
  2. Embiid fits their timeline. As opposed to what PG said, it’s championship or bust for a player like Kawhi. They are riped and ready to win. They’re not like the Nuggets whose stars are still figuring it out. With Embiid being in his peak, he and Kawhi can dominate the playoffs. This also gives the Clippers a few more years to contend. Remember they gave all their picks to the wizard Presti. Another reason is they can load manage Embiid as well together with Kawhi. The Clippers had been willing to give Kawhi the luxury of resting regular season games and they still managed to be fine. With Lou and Morris on the team, they can win some games with either Kawhi or Embiid. Their regular season record may not be promising but this squad in the playoffs will be scary first round opponent.
  3. Everyone knows their role. Assuming they let go of Harrell, I think their next priority is bagging Marcus Morris. Their lineup will be Beverley-Mann-Kawhi-Morris-Embiid with Lou as their 6th man. Mann may raise a lot of eyebrows but they gotta give Shamet back to the Sixers. Besides, Mann has shown potential during his time with the Clippers last season. Lou will still get the majority of the minutes while Jackson is a steady point guard off the bench as well. Keeping Green and Jackson will complete the squad. This is a more complete team rather than they fielded this year. They can easily attract cheap veterans to complete the holes anyway. Matthews and Bradley will be their ideal signing this offseason.
Why Sixers will do it?
  1. Aside from the contigency that Sixers will wanna build around Simmons, he’s a better player to build around with. I know you may be raising your eyebrows with this. But with the current situation the Sixers fell into, it’s just hard to build around Embiid. The Horford deal pretty much ties them up with flexibility during Embiid’s peak. With an option to have PG, I think they’ll consider this seriously. Going back, it’s hard to build around Simmons and Embiid because they’re gonna need shooters. Unfortunately, their 2 next highest paid players are lane cloggers. Harris and Horford are both talented and will win games but it’s proven they can’t be a serious contender with this lineup. Even with Simmons healthy, I doubt they’ll win against Celtics. With Embiid gone, they can maximize Horford as well at the 5. The market has an abundance of bigs this season anyway so they can easily fill their bench with a decent big.
  2. More responsibility for Simmons. I believe he is ready to take on the next step especially if he gets a little boost from the management and build around him to complement his skillset. He’s a legit 2 way player and having an all star wing with him will make his job easier. Let’s say the lineup will be Simmons-Richardson-PG13-Harris-Horford with Melton, Matisse, Korkmaz, and Shamet on the bench. The starting lineup is more balanced and everyone can shoot. The spacing for Simmons to operate will be easier and they will also able to maximize Horford and Harris. Horford as the screener and Tobias as their secondary shot creator. Everyone is talented in the lineup and they can complement each other better. Their bench is filled mostly with guards but it’s okay since Simmons will gladly accept the 4 position now. They can field a lineup of Melton-Shamet-PG-Simmons-Horford and they’ll be fine. As I’ve said earlier, big is the last of their problem. There’s Noel, Baynes, Poetl, Gasol, Millsap, Ibaka, Whitside to name a few. Really depends on their budget.
  3. MVPG13 season for PG. It’s not a coincidence that PG’s best season was with the Thunder with Russ. The offense is built around him and Russ and he is able to play off ball with Russ handling and creating plays. This can be replicated with Simmons around this time. Westbrook may have more usage but Simmons is far more effective than Russ. It’s also a good thing that he’ll have Harris as their 3rd scorer as opposed to Adams. Also, PG13 will have more offensive options as well without a big clogging up the lane. Horford is as smart as Adams as well so that’s a plus. This team is also filled with shooters and great role players to complement HIS game. It’s gonna be Simmons AND PG’s team.
Overall, both teams fail this season despite having an all star lineup because of how their team is built. Remember that 19-20 Celtics outperformed 18-19 Celtics despite them literally having an additional Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier, Al Horford, Aaron Baynes in their roster. Won’t do much research but I’m pretty sure that will sum up to close to 50 ppg from these 5. It’s because guys like Smart and Brown were utilized more this season and know their role. I believe it will have the same effect on both of this teams next conference.
It’s a blockbuster trade and is pretty much not gonna happen but it’s fun to create scenarios like this. Who knows. One scout reading this may give them an idea to do it. Or maybe Kawhi sees the upside of this trade. Who knows haha. What do you guys think?
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2020.09.21 20:44 skip2myluka Why the Mavericks' 2020 Offseason is So_Freakin_Important

Why the Mavericks' 2020 Offseason is So_Freakin_Important
The Mavs took a major leap this season, going from the lottery to a mid-playoff seed. That said, the Mavericks should be even better next season—with or without major roster changes**.**
For the first time in a long time, MFFLs can feel good about the trajectory of the team. But, despite projected improvements, the team is at least a high-level piece away from contending for a title.
Most of the speculation around the Mavs adding talent focuses on 2021. That summer, Tim Hardaway Jr. and several other contracts come off the books.
However, it seems to me that opportunities in the 2020 offseason are being treated with complacency in the current discourse.
Much of the reason for the focus on 2021 derives from the latest Dallas big-fish free agent target:
The Giannis-to-Dallas clamor is reaching a fever pitch.
Th absurdity of the Mavs FO putting a lot of chips into this plan cannot be overstated. We have seen how well dry powder and superstar chasing has served us in the past.
If the Mavericks were not as close to a championship as they were, this kind of restraint would make a lot more sense.
But, given that the Mavs are a relatively small piece away from a contention-level roster, does it really make sense to forgo a perfectly good offseason just so we can put our roster improvement chips all-in on a Giannis pot with incredibly long odds?

I find it useful to think about Luka’s time in Dallas in terms of ‘eras’.
Eras, in this sense, can be loosely defined as some period of team continuity in roster, coach, style etc.
For example, most recently, the Warriors completed two eras—pre-KD, KD—and have begun a third—post-KD. You could also say that each Lebron destination is an era of its own. Dirk’s 20 years in DFW came with its own set of eras (Pre-Star, Nash, Avery Johnson, Kidd, Monta, Lottery).
If we map ahead a bit, the outline of a 10+ year career for Luka with several distinct ‘eras’ begins to come into frame.
Luka Eras
True NBA greats get no developmental years. For better or worse, Luka is on the clock right now. The goal of Luka’s rookie contract era should be a simple, yet daunting one—win an NBA championship.
In pursuit of that goal, however, it is important to understand the dynamics of coming eras and how to best position the Mavs for sustained success. It is also important not to undervalue each year the team has an opportunity to compete for a championship.
Let’s take a look at what the ‘Eras’ of Luka Doncic basketball could look like from a roster management perspective:

Era 1 in Focus: Rookie Contract
While it seems like the timeline for 21 year-old Luka Doncic is just beginning, life comes at you fast. Having star talent in their youth does not absolve a team from hard decision making; just ask the Pelicans, Sixers, and Bucks of late.
The early, tough decisions the Mavs must face center on building a contention-level team around Luka before his max extension. At that point, Luka will be more correctly compensated for his impact with the 30% designated player max contract.
While most Mavs fans are justifiably excited about the prospect of opening space in the 2021 offseason, it also seems that many may be mis-pricing just how fast it will close—with or without new talent.
At the start of the 2022-23 season, Luka’s max extension (which he can sign next summer) is going to hit the books. At that point, Luka and KP will be eating roughly 60% of the Mavs cap.
In addition, the Mavs will have key role players locked in to team-friendly multiyear deals representing another 25-30%.
Filling out the roster with 10-25% of the cap will be an uphill battle. Filling it with the pieces needed to vault this team into the title conversation will be near impossible.

While it seems like the Luka Doncic timeline is just beginning, life comes at you fast

Luckily, The Mavs have two offseasons, ‘20 and ‘21, before their window for adding significant talent without gutting their depth closes on them for several years.
The Mavs don’t want to put all of their eggs in the Giannis 2021 basket without doing due diligence on roster upgrades (especially ones that vault us into a contender) in the coming offseason.
Why? Well, because waiting for Giannis and the spoils of 2021 puts a ton of undue pressure on executing within the tight window of one year of free agency.
This is why the 2020 offseason should be treated with the importance it deserves.
Let’s do a basic inventory of the Maverick stables:
If we look at high-level team needs, the obvious culprit is defense. The Mavs were a misbalanced regular season team in '19-20; sporting the league’s most efficient offense and 17th most efficient defense.
The Mavericks are especially light on defensive guards and wings. They can find more balance by acquiring defense-minded perimeter players. But, they must also commit to prioritizing their defensive personnel in the rotation.
With that in mind, It is essential that any significant piece brought in to flank Luka and KP be a two-way player.
Given they have $35m locked up between KP and Maxi ($50m if you include Powell, Boban, and Cauley-Stein) it’s highly unlikely the team will look to invest more in the frontcourt—so look for the Mavs to avoid any big attached with a significant price tag. Pour one out for the Ibaka and Millsap truthers (seriously though, these are inferior players to Maxi Kleber…).
In terms of adding personnel, the best archetypal fits are a secondary live-dribble creator (ideally one who can put pressure on the rim) and a two-way perimeter player with plus-shooting or plus-defensive equity.
It would be an added bonus if one or both of these players translated into Luka’s next era, or if the Mavs are able to draft starter-level talent for that era in 2020 or 2022.
To recap, before Luka’s rookie extension kicks in (2022-23) we’d like to generate:
  • A two way secondary creator for this and the next era
  • A two way perimeter player for this and the next era
  • A draft pick who turns out to be a starter in the next era
Free Agency:
Free agency is probably the most interesting route the Mavs can take to acquire the coveted ‘third & fourth guys’. The 2020 class is generally light but has some impact guys that fit the Mavs needs (Vanvleet, Dragic, Bazemore, Grant, Crowder, Temple, Bogdonavic, Ingram, Melton). The 2021 class offers up some interesting non-Giannis opportunities (Lonzo, Oladipo, Richardson, Dinwiddie, Hayward, Porter Jr, Oubre, Lowry, Conley, Isaac, Bridges, Anunoby, Hart, Caruso, Trent).Trade:
Using one or more of their assets (2020 #18, 2020 #31, Brunson, Maxi, DFS), the Mavs could look to upgrade via trade. The Mavs could opt to snatch up veterans who want to compete at a high level (Paul, Lowry) or younger core pieces (Lonzo, Gordon).
To open up more room in free agency, the Mavs might look to attach 18 and/or 31 to dump the contracts of Hardaway, Delon Wright, Justin Jackson, and/or Dwight Powell.
The 2020 draft is an interesting one as the Mavs could trade one or both of the 18 and 31st picks for salary cap relief or in a package for a useful piece.
Alternatively, the Mavs could look to add a future piece by using or packaging their picks to move up in the draft. Because the Mavs do not have their first round pick in 2021—and because most draft picks after Luka’s 1st era will be traded for win-now pieces—my preference is to draft players for the future in 2020 and/or 2022.

2020 Offseason
The biggest reason I’m an advocate for being aggressive in the 2020 offseason is this:
I don't want the Mavs don’t squander a perfectly good opportunity to make a run at a title as soon as next season.
This is not to say that I want the Mavs to make moves that jeopardize their future ability to compete for titles—but many of the opportunities to vault us into contention next year don’t necessarily dilute long-term prospects.
The latest murmurs are that the salary cap could come in at a similar figure to ‘19-20, or around $109m. We'll use that figure for modeling purposes here.
Going in to the offseason, let’s see how the Mavs stack up in terms of assets and distressed contracts:
Depending on whether the Mavs were interested and able to move Hardaway, Powell, Wright, and/or Jackson in concert with their FRPs; and whether WCS opts out; the Mavs could have between $3m to 48m + the MLE ($9.2m) this summer to add talent.
While going through the options, a lot of you are going to ask why [player’s name] isn’t included on the list. They’ve been filtered out, is why. Here’s a handy legend—to be eligible as “worth pursuing for the Mavericks”, you must:
  • Defend at a high level on the perimeter (seriously folks, we need defenders)
  • Shoot the 3 well and at a high volume
  • Not be a big
As mentioned, the most significant move the Mavs can make towards winning a championship as soon as next season is adding a (two-way) secondary live-dribble creator. With that in mind, here are the potential moves at the Mavs disposal, ranked by expected value.

‘A’ Moves: Field a Contender in 2020

A1) Sign Fred Vanvleet @ $90m/4
For all intents and purposes, the Mavs are free agent players in 2020 if they want to be. There is no excuse for the Mavs not aggressively pursuing FVV this summer.
In my opinion, this is the sole no-brainer unrestricted free agency decision in 2020. Vanvleet is 26, so he fits the Mavs timeline and should not lose much effectiveness on his next contract.
He is also a perfect fit: A secondary three-and-D playmaker who can defend at the point of attack, switch, hit threes off the dribble, drive and kick, and who possesses a championship resume. I especially like the fact that Vanvleet can defend so well up and down the lineup.
Vanvleet would also become the de-facto locker room leader for this team and add a sense of grit and toughness to the team.
The Mavs should pursue an agreement at around $22-23m per over four. If FVV agrees, the Mavs can make room by stretching Tim Hardaway Jr and/or by looking to find a trade partner for he or Delon and Powell’s contracts.

For all intents and purposes, the Mavs are free agent players in 2020 if they want to be.

A2) Draft Hayes and Trade for Paul
Killian Hayes is the type of prospect where I think you gamble on him becoming a core piece during Luka’s prime. I’ll discuss why I like the idea of drafting a point guard from this class so much in a later article.
If you look at the theoretical package for a guy like Chris Paul—a top 10-15 player in the league in ‘19-20—its peanuts. The Mavs could probably package Brunson, Delon, THJ’s 2021 expiring, and Powell for Paul and filler.
This move would give their depth a hit (though, to be fair, Brunson and Powell missed the playoffs, and Delon garnered DNPs), but replace THJ with Chris Paul and you’d have a hard time convincing me the Mavs aren’t title contenders.
Paul’s contract aligns well with this iteration of the Mavericks’ role players. And the money that the Mavs should be able to open up post-Paul is significant, ~$50m in 2023.
While I am fond of several other point guards in case the Mavs stay put and don’t move up for Hayes—Kira Lewis, Tyrese Maxey, Cole Anthony, and Tre Jones—I don’t have quite the same confidence mortgaging the near-future on Paul without Hayes.
A3) Trade for a Veteran
If the Mavs are want to be aggressive in pursuing veterans in 2020, the design space for adding talent becomes a lot more interesting.
Guys like Lowry, Jrue, Hayward, and Dipo would require Hardaway, possibly Kleber, DFS or Brunson, and one or more of the Mavs’ draft picks.
This is a gamble. Dallas would potentially need to re-sign these guys and/or hope they don't deteriorate too much. Otherwise, we could be looking at a tough cap situation until the end of KP’s deal.
A4) Trade for a Like-Age Piece
The Mavs have a number of trade chips: THJ’s expiring contract, DFS, Kleber, Brunson, and the 18 and 31 picks in 2020. I think the Mavs would look to package THJ and any number of Brunson and draft picks to go after the players in this grouping.
I suspect this will be the route many Mavs fans prefer. But consider this; the group of players in this list are roughly between the 65th and 100 best players in the league. Fred Vanvleet is a top 50 player, Jrue and Lowry are top 40 players, and Paul is top 15.
Targets & Proposed Trades:
  • Lonzo Ball, 23 1yr $8m (RFA in 2021) [Kleber + Brunson + 31]
  • Aaron Gordon, 24 2yr $35m [THJ + 18]
  • Josh Richardson, 26 2yr $22m (PO in 2021) [THJ + Brunson]
  • Otto Porter Jr. 27 1yr $28m [THJ + 31]
  • Gary Harris, 25 2yr $40m [THJ + 31 or Brunson]
  • Kelly Oubre, 24 1yr $15m [THJ + 18]
  • Josh Hart, 25 1 yr $1.8m [Brunson + 18]
  • Tomas Satoransky, 28 2 yr $20m [Delon + 18]
  • Bogdan Bogdonavic, 28 Sign-&-Trade [Kleber]
  • DeAnthony Melton, 22 Sign-&-Trade [Delon + 18]

‘B’ Moves: Remain Competitive and Flexible for 2021

B1) THJ Opts In, Fill Out Rotation in Free Agency
The key consideration here is that anyone added from this group would need to be comfortable with a one-year deal, because multiyear agreements would eat in to our ability to add talent with cap space in 2021.
The exception to this case is if we were to nab one of the aforementioned players. If we had already used the space on a Fred Vanvleet or Chris Paul, then we can afford to make a multiyear tender at the full MLE ($9.2m). At that point, a lot of these wing names become much more interesting.
Goran Dragic Would he take a one year deal at the MLE to play with Luka? Tough to tell at this point given the Heat’s success.
Kent Bazemore Baze is exactly what this team needs injected into its second unit. A versatile wing who can shoot, defend, and put the ball on the floor a bit for 20mpg.
Garret Temple Temple is a sneaky interesting move if he’s interested in a one year deal at the MLE. I think he would slot right in to the starting point guard role as an off-ball guy with a bit of size who can defend, shoot, and make some reads as a secondary guy. Age (34) is prohibitive in terms of thinking beyond 2020-21, but a nice stopgap option.
Jae Crowder Does he take a one year MLE? I doubt it. A multiyear MLE, though, seems like it might be in his range. I do wonder if he still feels shortchanged by his first stint here.
Justin Holiday
Wes Matthews
Derrick Jones Jr. Derrick Jones Jr. is a very interesting young prospect who I think could have success as a roll man next to KP and Kleber. I don’t know if he’s a guy I would want to assign long term money to given shooting concerns.
Jerami Grant I think Grant would be somewhat interesting. I just find him too similar to both DFS and Kleber (and probably prefer them both, slightly) to really find him all that valuable. His market may just end up being a multiyear mle.
Bogdan Bogdonavic I like Bogdan, I really do. Unfortunately, I don’t see him fitting in as a 3rd guy type due to a lack of defense; and as a sixth man, its unclear to me that he is an upgrade over Seth Curry. He’ll certainly cost more.
I know this move is a Mavs fan favorite but I don’t see how he makes much sense. Additionally, Bogey is restricted, so we’d need to make space before we can hand him an offer sheet.
DeAnthony Melton Melton is the more interesting RFA option in my opinion. Unlike Bogey, I could see Melton being a long term starter next to Luka. He is also 22 to Bogdan’s 28 and he will very likely cost less to attain. If the Mavs can clear a little space, I would be making inquiries into his availability at the MLE or perhaps a bit higher over 4 years.
B2) Extend Tim Hardaway Jr.
This option seems highly unlikely. The extension of Hardaway needs to be done with the expectation that his new contract could be dumped “for free” at a moment’s notice.
Any contract that makes THJ feel made whole after turning down what is effectively a 1y$19m extension would need to include bigger and longer term money than the Mavs should feel remotely comfortable giving him.
The Mavs would need to extend Hardaway at something like $10-11m per year over 3 (at most) to make the contract bulletproof tradable (in the case they need to make space in ‘20 or ‘21 for a talent upgrade).
The replacement of Hardaway seems inevitable as his $19m expiring contract represents the best opportunity to upgrade on talent before Luka’s extension.
If the Mavs decided to extend Hardaway at a market rate extension based on last year’s production (3-4 years at 14-15+ per year), I fear this could be the single most damaging move to the early Luka timeline.
Consider this—because they lack significant draft assets after this year, the Mavs could be stuck in a loop where they are unable to add high-level talent because they cannot move a multiyear overpay to an aging shoot-first guard. This compounds a similarly unmovable Powell deal.
Extending Hardaway to a large deal could mean that the Mavericks are essentially stuck in the same lineup configuration as ‘19-20 for the next 3-4 years…yikes.
As is, it’s highly likely that Hardaway will not be extended by the Mavs.
If the Mavs are to draft, combining the picks to move forward as much as possible would be beneficial if it meant a shot at one of several players (Hayes, Vassell, Anthony, Kira).
Otherwise, the Mavs should look to draft best non-big available at 18 (with an eye towards Kira, Maxey, Pat Williams, Poku, Tre Jones) and potentially look to add an impact upperclassman at 31 (Bane, Mich St guy, Syracuse guy, Cassius Winston).

Key Dates
2020 Dates are up in the air, I will update these as they change:
-Draft: Nov 18 (tentatively) -Free Agency Begins: TBD

Looking Ahead to 2021
As mentioned, most fans have an eye toward 2021. I understand. But, imho if the chance to grab Fred Vanvleet is there, we MUST do it and not think twice.
If we can collectively sidestep the Giannis fever dream, the rest of the contenders don’t actually look so great.
Oladipo, 29, is the next best fit and most often mentioned. But Victor has struggled to stay on the court the last few seasons. Does it make sense to lock up $60m in two players who might not be available for Luka when the playoffs come? Likewise, Do we want to pay big bucks for an athleticism-dependent player entering his 30s?
Are consolation prizes like Josh Richardson, Spencer Dinwiddie, Otto Porter, or Kelly Oubre upgrades over Fred VanVleet? I personally don’t think so. I could get behind saving the space for Lonzo or Isaac—but they’re restricted, so there’s no guarantee we’d even be able to land them if we did garner interest.
Second tier RFAs like Anunoby, Hart, Trent, and Caruso could make valuable starting pieces. But, as with other RFAs, there is no guarantee mutual interest would even yield a signing. Last ditch fill-ins like Tim Hardaway Jr and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope may be available, but these outcomes all sound incredibly disappointing in the context of adding central talent for the post rookie-contract Luka era.
This class just doesn’t have much for the Mavs unless you’re counting on guys like Lebron, Kawhi, Paul George, or Anthony Davis joining the Mavs. I’m not.
Wrapping Up
Consider one more thing—Giannis might not even make it to free agency in any practical sense. If Giannis signs the extension this summer or quickly re-signs with the Bucks, the opportunity cost of not pursuing Fred Vanvleet or a veteran third option becomes much higher.
Lastly, IF Giannis IS interested in the Mavs next summer, making a move to clear space—EVEN if we utilize future cap space in 2020— should be relatively simple.
My assumption is the Mavs could move Porzingis and/or FVV rather easily if need be.
Go Mavs.
[P.S. If you're interested in receiving my Mavs essays in your inbox, sign up here]
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2020.07.24 20:22 HenryCorp Labor Blasts Rep. Ilhan Omar's Challenger For his Work at Anti-Union Law Firm: Antone Melton-Meaux was a partner at Jackson Lewis, a firm that advertises its success helping companies beat unions

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2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to SanJoseForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to SanFranForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to PortlandiaForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to PortlandForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to PhoenixForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to PhillyForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to NewOrleansForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to NashvilleForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to MontgomeryForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to DallasForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to BostonForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 BirdieBroBot David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by BirdieBroBot to ColoradoForSanders [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 18:19 KrisCraig David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol

David Sirota: New: Minnesota labor leaders are attacking Antone Melton-Meaux, Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, for his stint as a partner at anti-union law firm Jackson Lewis: via @HuffPostPol submitted by KrisCraig to StillSandersForPres [link] [comments]

2020.07.07 08:20 nailershub NailersHub

Products Our Partners Welcome to the ultimate online catalog of nailers and staple guns – NailersHub! Founded by 45-year old Wilmington University graduate Raymond Melton a few years ago this personal blog about nailers and industrial staplers quickly grew into a full-fledged online catalog.
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2020.05.11 11:49 A_K_A_S_HM Bad Boys For Life Review

It’s the year 2020 and Marcus now wants to lead a peaceful family life away from all the violence. But his partner in crime Mike cannot let go so easily because this time, the horrors of his past have come to haunt him and it’s destroying the world around him. He must do what it takes to protect himself and exact revenge, but first, he needs to convince Marcus to get back into the game.
It’s a simple plot with many new additions in the cast. But the one who leaves a lasting impact is the film’s main villain Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio) – a strapping young leader of a Mexican drug cartel, whose lethal blows totally belie his baby-face good looks. Mexican-American actress Kate del Castillo is also impressive as the ruthless widow Isabel Aretas, who literally calls the shots in this high-octane action comedy. The new crack team called AMMO led by Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens) has more young blood (Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton) and they inject the much needed freshness into the proceedings. However, it’s the film’s leading duo who take their perfect camaraderie a notch higher. They’re the strongest when together. Whether it is Will Smith’s towering persona and swashbuckling punches or Martin’s poker-faced humour, it works.
Directors Adil and Bilall pull out all stops to make it more exciting. The film’s narrative and execution remains loyal to the usual trappings of a testosterone-led action entertainer with shocking developments that will often keep you on the edge. While the action and comedy elements like high-speed chases and witty one-liners work, the pace drops in parts. The film’s climax, however, is packed with more startling (almost too dramatic) revelations and some finely executed action in the picturesque locations of Miami and Mexico.
In conclusion, this one carries forward the legacy of the bad boys franchise and the magic of its leading men ensure that third time’s a charm.
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2020.03.04 14:35 sk-88 Notes from supporters forum March 3, 2020

All notes my own from last night's forum. No quotes are verbatim but if I use quote marks it is near enough.
Headlines for me: No communication from CVC regarding their plans, Cohen against a British & Irish League. Vague on Borthwick start date. Jan McGinty comes across very well, speaks sensibly, looks to bigger position and didn't just say what he thought people wanted to hear. Glynn seems better in this role, spoke well about academy as he did before but doesn't have all the bits he seemed bad at.
Present from club: Geordan Murphy (GM), Jan McGinty (JM), Ged Glynn (GG), Simon Cohen (SC), Andrea Pinchen (AP), Chris Rose (CR).
First question was from Gary Sherrard (club press) about signing of Nadolo.
GM: very exciting player, admired him when he was a player, top international quality but retired from internationals. Can play in a number of positions. We need physicality from our backs other than Manu to break the line.
Supplementary question about Ben & Tom Youngs
GM:"Highly sought players", they were keen to stay and we want to build the team around them.
First question from the floor was bout Brexit and its implications on Kolpack/EU players and quotas.
JM: Quotas under review with RFU & PRL, new regulations being consulted on now. Transition period means no change next season, so looking at season after that. We are expecting a hybrid system between current system and JIFF in France. Expect quotas to end up similar to current split of 70% British players(/employment rights) and 30% foreign.
Question: "JM, what 3 areas have you added value?"
JM: Having a fresh set of eyes on current players a big advantage, viewed club as a "sleeping giant" with small tweaks needed to get to very top. His three ways were:
  1. How do you get better back ups so you don't miss the England players that are away for 40% of the season, want to get to the situation where they aren't automatic returnees because others are pushing them for place.
  2. Need to increase the physicality to break teams down. Looking for power on 1 wing and pace on the other. Nadolo part of that,
  3. Improve the basics to get into position to score tries in the first place. Signing of Steve Borthwick considered key here to improve details and basics.
We then had a presentation from GG about the academy. Many ways to judge an academy, results obviously are good but also how many players you produce. Said there were recently published figures showing we had most in Prem at one club or another. 56% of squad from academy.
We have 8 Development Player Pathway Centres across area (Norfolk, Notts, Lincs, Derby, Staffordshire (old school staffs too so all the way around the top of Birmingham) and obvs Leicester). Schools and clubs nominate into them 200+ each centre. Whittle down to academy groups of 20ish each age group. Players funnelled to 6 "good to great" private schools + Brooksby in Melton (this is why it looks a narrow base of schools picked from).
Main challenge has been bridging gap between academy & first team. This is main focus area now. 7 players moving from academy to development in the summer. 18 players over last couple of years, all go out of loan to get minutes. Said all had 1,000 + minutes on pitch at various levels this year. Presentation listed them and where they had been but too quick to note. Need co-operation from clubs, Jonny McPhillips not getting minutes at Doncaster so moved him to Notts. Leeds under Phil Davies upping training, so 3 guys there doing "S&C block" to get ready before going back.
Games scouted in person and on video, form filled in. Very detailed, transition coaches use it to help coach and develop the players.
Q: Is it sensible to try and develop players from Wales given competition from their home region?
GG: There will always been competition for the good players. Competition for Greg Bateman, kept him, competition for Jonah Holmes, kept him. Reffell under contract. "We'll see what happens with Costelow".
Q: When Steve Borthwick comes are you still going to pick the team?
GM: I will still have overall responsibility to pick the team but SB will run the rugby operation, training sessions etc, this is what he has been doing for England and where both see his strengths. Thinks it will work well.
Q: Where are we with sale of the club?
SC: We had a strategic review, sale process on going. "Always going to take time as not as simple as selling to highest bidder". More changes to the board to come, another person appointed today. Also blames promotion & relegation for slow sales process.
Q: To AP, what three things do you want to develop with new owners? (this was from same man that asked earlier 3 things question, like it was a job interview!)
AP: no.1 a women's team, trying to find and work with sponsors to develop this at the moment, 2 to "enhance the offer" to fans fight against Wasps free tickets, they don't work just undermine the value of a ticket. 3) bring the retail offering in house.
Q; Any plans for Coronoa virus and Castres QF?
SC: Like Boris Johnson we have plans but aren't going to tell you, not appropriate to speculate publicly, obviously will follow government advice if they ban large gatherings.
Q: Any plans for more inclusions days?
CR: Agree it was great, don't want to over promise and under deliver, so nothing firm to announce here. Learning what worked, what didn't. "Want to be the best at everything we do" that includes inclusion events as much as anything else.
Further question on women's game and relationship with Loughborough:
CR: Looking to build it from bottom up, not just pinch pro team from Loughborough. Looking to develop wider women's game in city/county which is more our area than Loughborough's.
GG: relationship with Loughborough really strong, hoping another 7 (same as above? not mentioned) players from development squad go there for uni next season. Lots of behind the scenes people went there (S&C, analysis etc) for both first team and academy.
Sarcastic question about cashless stadium, how is it going?
CR: very pleased with how cashless has gone and how levy are doing as new caterers this year. Quality & service better. Pint glass deposit return an issue we need to resolve.
Q: Jonny May is the best wing we've ever had (and we've had a lot of good ones), is he staying?
All: ......
GM: (joking) How dare you, I used to play wing here too you know! Seriously though, difficult to retain England players in salary cap, spoke earlier about improving depth in replacements for internationals and missing for so long. Great player, cannot comment further on pending contracts as not fair to talk further here. Will speak to him again when back from England.
Gary interjected and ask JM about how his role works with this:
JM: What used to be seasonal is now year round with different tournaments ending and starting at different times, take the contact with agents off Geordan as it is very full on all the time. Filters players available to GM to make decisions.
Q: What lessons have we learned from Mauger & Cockerill, how are you sure this won't happen again it looks the same from the outside?
SC: In theory that should have worked (SK note: what an odd defensive way to start but whevs). Waffled on for a while. Dynamics are very important, benefit of Steve being here not in NZ is that they have had lots of meetings, lots of discussions face to face to discuss ideas, playing, training, signings etc. Won't know until tested under pressure but very confident it will work.
GM (off mic but very loud): Also Cockers is mental.
Question about coaching this season: GM: Talked about DNA and attitudes a lot. How we want to play, resilience under pressure.
End of part 1.
Beginning of part 2:
SC: Question for you here, would you rather come top 6 of win challenge cup? I voted for Challenge Cup, room was 60/40 in favour of top 6.
Q: Do you have plans for a full time accessibility person?
AP: No, can achieve goals through foundation (separate thing) and cover it within current people.
Question about Rugbypass documentary, podcasts of former players (e.g. Hamilton & Goode), any plans to produce more of this content oursevles?
GS: Yes but have to push at an open door, doing things when effectively bottom just invites abuse and jokes and takes away from what you want to achieve. We have ideas to develop for future.
Q: Since the Wasps game they've scored 97 points we've scored 17, why aren't our backs functioning?
GM: I won't make excuses but we're missing 4 players to England, we've had injuries like Taute and Reid and the weather has been poor. But I'm not making any excuses. (this answer was serious, and I don't think he realised that he had ONLY made a list of excuses to the question).
Q: how do you manage access to social media, some posts are vile?
GM: Hard, players want to go and read about themselves and get ego boost but then get the bad opinions too. I did it as player, would read the papers. Even then senior players said not to do it. When internet and social kicked off I was older and not as bothered. Part of wider problem of always accessible, similar to bullying of children in that it's always there. Have to deal with weekly now just how it is.
Q: What did strategic review say? What would an outright owner look like if needed? What are CVC's plans?
SC: Last part first, very little communication from CVC regarding their ideas about the league and developing revenue streams, no idea of their plans. Mentioned B&I League as an idea in media and that Tigers would be against it as traditional rivals very important. More waffle on promotion and relegation. Want an owner who would "uphold and enhance values", gave examples of Fenway group (Liverpool & Boston Red Sox) and King Power as people who try to grow from current traditions and bases.
Q: When is the hotel going to be finished and what impact on revenues/ opportunities does it give us?
SC: 18 month build (I make that Sept 2021) we get a ground rent but not massive revenues as we did not put much in to build it. Chance to buy it back in future if money there, so potential for significant reviews. Main thing is opportunity, will have direct link into stand from hotel, makes conferencing packages and match day packages very attractive. Also if we didn't build there a massive student block would have come right up to boundary.
Q: Any further fall out from the salary cap?
SC: Doubt it in terms of fines. Can't see anyone elses squad as outrageous, under stands how you can get an administrative breach gave example of contractually paying for flights budget £2k, player gets injured and goes home for Christmas and it costs £10k for him and partner. Conundrum for Bristol as players will want Prem wages as they renew now they are Prem players. Thought the process for second salary cap breach was very dodgy and that the Prem needs better regulations around these areas.
Q: Last year we won twice in the league away, at Newc & at Twickenham. This year it is no league away wins. What happens when we play away?
GM: Concerning, trying different things to change it. Can't put finger on why so poor.
Q: When is Borthwick starting?
SC: A very long winded answer that did not give a start date or particular hint at one.
Question on retail offering:
CR: Selected Samuari based on quality and delivery, corona virus willing happy this will be delivered on time. Want to get people back into shop/online and buying quality goods not having to return stuff because it is rubbish and not lasting. Don't expect loads of things at once but we are aiming for choice and to try things and expand popular ranges.
Q: What are our ambitions for the season?
GM: Europe been kind, Prem not good enough. Thinks we can win 6 from last 8 in the league. Climb the table and get people looking over their shoulder. Really focused on 3 in a row home games Bath, Castres, Irish. Wants 3 wins from those. Eventually said top 6 is the target.
Q: Why do we box kick so much?
GM: Good tactic, gave conservative justification of it and said stats back up to do it loads. Have to build wins and confidence, at the moment if we tried things and they failed heads go down and things pile up.

There were other questions but these were the ones with answers I wrote down and thought interesting.
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2020.01.17 08:48 OldmanRevived i saw one movie (Bad Boys For Life)

sometimes a movie manipulates me in dumb ways. the material may be unlikely and contrived, but sometimes it works and all you want to do is steam up to it. i was not one of the great admirers of the first two "Bad Boys" films. i saw the appeal, but they seemed too full of themselves. even in regards to being buddy cop movies, the whole feeling was limp. well, to my astonishment, i liked the third movie better than the first two; i'm even going so far as to recommend it. given its materials, it couldn't have been much better, but it's every bit as good as it is, if you see what i mean. once you realize it's only going to be so good, you settle back and enjoy that modest degree of goodness, which is at least not badness, and besides, if you're watching "Bad Boys For Life," you obviously didn't have anything better to do.
the opening scenes make all of the early stops. detective Mike Lowery (Will Smith) is an old school loose canon with a badge, and his cohort Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is a hen-pecked family man, simply ready to ride off into the sunset of retirement. also back for his third run with the two cops is the hot-headed Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) and his ever-present bottle of Pepto Bismol. the action is set in a semi-imaginary version of Miami, where Mike and Marcus set out together at breakneck speed, brawling with criminals and scrambling up whatever hardball scenarios are thrown at them. of course, none of this could be done without the wisecracking banter. these two have put each other through a lot, but they still bicker like an old married couple.
but sequels do not live by repeating the same scenes and lessons as the films that inspired them. there has to be a new angle, and "Bad Boys For Life" finds one in the creation of a band of diabolical villains. these aren't just violent bad guys, but particular characters, well-acted and malevolently conceived. Isabel Aretas (Kate del Castillo) is sprung from jail in Mexico by her son Armando (Jacob Scipio). the mother and son duo have two missions: take back their drug cartel, and take revenge on those responsible for her arrest and the death of her husband. oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention that Isabel is part-witch and a former lover of rookie cop Mike. what a tangled web. and that's without including another surprise twist: their revenge checklist includes many Miami dignitaries, and a vow to make Lowery the last to die.
there is another surprise near the beginning of the film, and that motivates Lowery to get involved to help solve the string of murders, not yet aware that he's on the list. of course Marcus is drawn out of retirement, and both of them are forced to work with a new Special Forces team called AMMO. surprisingly, neither of the Ms stand for Millennial, and instead it's Advanced Miami Metro Operations. the team is led by Rita (Paolo Nunez), and includes the weapons aficionado Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens), bulky computer whiz Dom (Alexander Ludwig), and the conceited Rafe (Charles Melton) as a verbal sparring partner for Mike. pair them together in their own movie, and you would have a decent re-imagining of "48 Hours."
the earlier movies were directed by Michael Bay, who seemed just about right to handle the material. here, he's replaced by Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. they slide back into the formula so well that the movie begins in the middle of a long chase scene with many crashing, screeching, and exploding cars. almost everything about it signals that this is silly fun. through the very expensive technical virtuosity of its special effects, it celebrates a luxurious kind of destruction and disorder that can only appear mindless amid today's realities and scaled-down expectations. the movie goes beyond escapism into the territory of collective death wish.
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence make a fine, unlikely team, seeming to enjoy each other's company even when saying rotten things, and rising bravely to meet each new challenge. Smith handles the less showy role expertly, while Lawrence runs away with every comic situation that comes his way. it's clear their friendship is reciprocal and tidily symmetrical. there are some more hard-working actors on display: Paolo Nunez is attractive and somewhat intimidating as the hinted love interest for Smith's character. the film's most interesting performance is given by Jacob Scipio as the sadistic hitman sent after Mike. his ruthlessness has a personal dimension missing from the rest of the movie.
"Bad Boys For Life" is all fast action and noisy stunts, but it packs an undeniable wallop. the directors are so careful to preserve the successful comic-action formula of the series that they follow the most basic laws of sequels while also staying fresh. Smith and Lawrence have their patter down by now, and part of the effect comes from our familiarity with the roles. along the way, there's plenty of vicious fighting and a staccato, exciting pace. the movie is more memorable for its characters than for its high style, more a series of energetic scenes than a collection of handsome imagery. it has life, ferocity and humor in place of icy, stylized elegance, and that seems more than a fair trade.
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2019.10.29 16:41 Grabelinho Grit & Grind 2.0?

The glory days of the "Grit & Grind" era in Memphis around the stars Marc Gasol and Mike Conley have been irrevocably over since that summer. Cynics might note that tanking started a long time ago with a total of 55 games won over the past two seasons. But it is only since this offseason that the actions of the Grizzlies Front Office have shown that they have fully adopted the rebuilding strategy. And how: With an almost perfect summer from asset management, the Grizzlies have made a quick start to the rebuild and already have a new, young scaffold around which they can build the next era of basketball in Memphis. As with the last iteration of the team, the strengths of the young squad seem to be more of a defensive end. Are the Grizzlies continuing to build on their proven recipe for success, as it first appears? And is it possible to be more competitive than expected by many observers this year?
A new Big Three?
Whether one can be better this year than currently predicted depends mainly on the developmental stages of the young talents in the squad. Great hopes rest on rookie Ja Morant, who was brought to the team in the last draft with the second pick. Morant is probably the most gifted playmaker in his draft class. With his incredible explosiveness, he can pull to the basket at any time and score or, thanks to his vision and his ability to pass, his players can be set in scene. Especially in open court situations where he can use his speed well to his advantage, so many simple points arise for his team:
In the case of a player with his athletic ability, it can actually be expected that he could develop into a reasonably solid defender in the long term. Of that, however, there was still little to see in college. Quite different is the other Grizzlies' top talent: Jaren Jackson Jr., the fourth pick of last year's draft, proved in his first season in the NBA that he can be an absolute impact defender. Not a few NBA observers even certify DPoY-Upside. With its elite rim protection, but also great lateral mobility, it brings with it all the tools you would expect from a modern big man. Currently JJJ is still relatively foulanfällig, so he collected in the last year per 36 minutes on average 5.2 fouls. A habit that he needs to get away from when he wants to play for many minutes, which is often more a matter of experience.
Offensively, Jackson Jr. appears as a floor spacer and pick-and-pop-big, hitting 35.9% of his 4.7 threesome per 100 possessions in the first year. In a slightly more supported role in the offense than last year and the natural progress of the 20-year-old, both his quota and volume should tend to go up in the second year. In any case, the young Big Man has enough shooting touch.
This Floor Spacing element could also be extremely important, as the third potential member of the new young core is currently not profiled as a shooter: Brandon Clarke took in the entire Preseason not a threesome and could not convince even in college with his range. Since he is relatively old for a rookie at the age of 23, he is not expected to develop this aspect of his game much further. The lack of litter and the relatively high age are probably the two main reasons why Clarke fell in the draft to 21st position. He was drafted by the Grizzlies there, who came up from position 23 with the help of another second rounder to get him and landed an absolute steal.
​ Clarke was particularly convincing in college as a defensive prospect. He is a very strong help defender, very agile and physically strong despite his short wingspan, so he can effectively defend against many different opponent types. He has good defensive instincts and can make as many defensive plays as steals and blocks. Offensively, he showed above all qualities as a rim scooter and finisher on the ring. He is thus an ideal complement to Jackson Jr. in the frontcourt and should be able to play a good role as a partner for Morant in the pick & roll.
Of course, the open question of this scenario is how many minutes Clarke actually interacts with the other two young talents. In the long term, Jackson Jr. is certainly planned as a center in the plans of the Grizzlies, but currently there is still starting Jonas Valanciunas, who was last year in the trade for Marc Gasol and in the summer has extended expensive for three years. Therefore, Jackson Jr. slipped in the starting lineup on the spot of the Power Forwards and Clarke finds himself on the bench for the time being.
After the waiver of Miles Plumlee shortly before the start of the season, however, Bruno Caboclo has only one potential option to replace the five in the squad. And this is with his 6-9 also more of a power forward, which can come into play at best in small-ball lineups, but is helplessly defeated against physically strong center.
Therefore, it is expected that Jackson Jr. and Valanciunas will be struck so that one of them is always in the field and can fill Jackson Jr. every few minutes as a back-up center. After arriving at the Memphis last year, Valanciunas played on average 28.8 minutes. Assuming a similar number of minutes, so remain about twenty minutes for the frontcourt consisting of Jackson Jr. and Clarke. For the ideal evaluation of his talents, the Grizzlies should also rely on Morant in these minutes and give the fans an insight into what the golden future in Memphis could look like.
In the fight for minutes, Clarke presumably has the advantage that some of the players who would ideally be in the same position in the modern NBA as he, e.g. Kyle Anderson and Jae Crowder, due to the thin wing rotation rather need to help out on the smaller positions.
The wing rotation After two players joined the squad by trade in the form of Andre Iguodala and Josh Jackson during the summer and are usually on the wing, one should assume that the team has more depth in this position than before. Contrary to these expectations is not so, especially since both aforementioned players are currently not in the training camp of the Grizzlies and will most likely not play a role in the rotation of the next season.
Andre Iguodala came in the offseason via trade from the Golden State Warriors and the Grizzlies sweetened his shot with an attractive first-round pick. Iguodala himself has publicly made more or less clear that he does not intend to actually run aground for his new team. Now Memphis is looking for ways to trade it to a contender and generate more assets. However, this is difficult due to the high contract of Iguodala and since the Grizzlies are not willing to pull the player by buy-out for no value, developed a lengthy hanging game that could drag on for months.
Josh Jackson, who also came as part Salary dumping moves from Phoenix to Memphis, however, was demoted from the Grizzlies to the G-League team and must recommend good performance there again for the squad. The fact that this action took place before the start of the training camp and gave Jackson no opportunity to recommend himself in this for the team came as a surprise to many observers and suggests that the people in charge in Memphis probably not too much of that expect former top 5 pick.
Depth Chart of the Memphis Grizzlies for the 2019/20 season Following these considerations, the previously mentioned Kyle Anderson and Jae Crowder remain as options for the job as a starter on the three. Anderson, who joined the team last year as a restricted free agent from San Antonio, is a very good defender who also offers secondary wing playmaking; a skill that could be very valuable in relieving the rookie point guards morant. However, he is also an absolutely gruesome shooter (26.5% at 1.3 attempts per 100 possessions), which is not respected at the perimeter of his opponents at all and is so poison for the Spacing of the team. Since Morant himself comes with rather doubtful throw in the league and Jonas Valanciunas also brings no stretch element as a Big Man, the Fit Andersons is relatively small to the rest of the starting lineup.
Although Crowder is not as good a shooter as he is (he only scores 33.1% of his 3s in the last season), he scores a high volume of his Downtown accounts with 11.2 threes per 100 possessions, making him a shotgun on the perimeter respected. Since he provides the urgently needed spacing in the starting lineup, he is the better fit, even if this probably reduces the defense somewhat. However, it remains unclear how long Crowder will ever be part of the squad, as his low salary on a contract expiring and his reputation as a 3 & D player could make him a coveted trade target for teams with ambitions.
Anderson, on the other hand, is still tied to the team for another three years and, as a 26-year-old, fits better into the timeline of the young talents than the older Crowder. It therefore makes sense to test him in lineups with the three youngsters. The rotation on small forward could possibly round Solomon Hill, who came along with Plumlee in the trade for Chandler Parsons of Atlanta. However, he had in recent years increasingly with injuries to fight and fell so in the meantime also from the rotation of the New Orleans Pelicans. It therefore seems questionable how much he can contribute. Due to his expiring contract, he is more likely to be a potential trade candidate.
Do the Grizzlies have a shooting guard at NBA level? Memphis has many options on who could start as second guard alongside Morant, but none of the options is an established NBA player. The current favorite on this role is Dillon Brooks. The second round pick of 2017 had a strong rookie season, in which he started 74 games and was allowed to play in 82 games on average 28.7 minutes. Last year, however, he had a mixed and patchy season in which he received public attention for being confused in trade talks with teammate MarShon Brooks.
Another alternative would be Grayson Allen, who came to Memphis as part of Mike Conley's trades. The 21st pick of 2018 was followed by the Draft reputation of a good shooter, but could not prove it in the last year in Utah (32.3% triple quota). Exactly this shoot could make life much easier for Morant and help him to get off to a good start in the league.
If Allen can not prove that he is a good shooter after all, Marco Guduric will probably take his place at this point. The 24-year-old signed in the summer as a free agent a two-year contract with the Grizzlies and previously played in Europe. There he was considered an absolute elite shooter who can do wonders for the spacing of his team. If he could transfer his throw from the FIBA ​​line to the NBA, he could work so many minutes.
Not necessarily known as a shooter is Tyus Jones. The Point Guard was routed away from the Minnesota Timberwolves in the summer as a Restricted Free Agent and is said to be the replacement for Dallas-traded Delon Wright in Memphis. He mainly fills the role as back-up point guard of the bank, but will certainly run in some lineups next Morant. He brings so further secondary playmaking to the relief on the field and thus ideally fits in tandem with Jae Crowder; in combination with Kyle Anderson he will probably not be able to play meaningful.
De'Anthony Melton probably has only outsider chances for minutes, which must now be considered as the core of the trade, which was initially referred to as the "Josh Jackson Trade". The young guard was able to show some signs in Phoenix last year, but the fit with Morant is more questionable. He will have to show a strong improvement if he wants to break the rotation.
A potential rotation of the Memphis Grizzlies (created with the help of Grit & Grind or Pace & Space? With the actions of this summer, a new era of basketball has begun in Memphis. In Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant, the team already has talented successors for Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, who could hardly be more similar to their predecessors in many areas. And as with the original "Grit & Grind" teams, the team's strengths at the moment are more likely to be at the defensive end of the field. Last year, despite an experienced playmaker like Mike Conley, the team is the fourth worst offense in the league. Now that the keys of the offense have been handed over to a 20-year-old rookie and the squad around him has little playmaking and shooting, it is expected that this value will continue to fall rather than increase.
However, with this more general comparison, the similarities of both iterations of the team are already exhausted. The teams of the "Grit & Grind" - era were always characterized by a very slow style of play, so recorded the Grizzlies last season, the second slowest offensive pace in the league. The new head coach Taylor Jenkins, who comes from the system of Bucks under Mike Budenholzer, now wants to drastically change this way of playing. Based on the modern "pace & space" approach, the young team should play as fast as possible and take many threes. Rookie Ja Morant should meet the high offensive pace, as he can play his enormous speed here and has already proven that he makes many good decisions in Transition. Quick play is also often a way for offensively weak teams to be average efficient, as opposing teams get caught on the wrong foot and make such easy deals on the basket or on the triple line.
To what extent the team's staff is able to take many threes, or to meet them, is currently still highly questionable. So you could often see in the Preseason games that the Grizzlies also play in the Halfcourt setting good litters, but too often were not able to exploit these too. Great hopes lie on Jaren Jackson Jr, who is likely to be the only above-average shooter for his position among the core players. Even if there is still a lack of suitable staff, it is certainly the right approach to implement a system early in the development of young talents that can maximize their potential in the long term.
Whether this already pays off in the form of victories in the coming season may be highly doubted, especially in view of the heavy schedule in the West, in which one is certainly the weakest team of the pure talent level this year. However, this is of secondary importance to the Grizzlies and perhaps even to the long-term structure of the squad. Memphis owes its first-round pick to the Boston Celtics next year, should it not be in the top six. To ensure such a result, you would have to have the second worst record of the entire league, which does not seem impossible. In general, the odds of keeping this pick and adding another high-level talent to the squad in the next draft are likely to be relatively high.
This new talent could fit into the existing young frame of the Grizzlies and thus represent one of the most talented young cores in the entire league. Whatever the season of the Grizzlies, the foundation for a successful future has been laid this summer.
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2019.10.24 13:33 LordVictoria Help sourcing fabric for start up

I am reaching out to the community to ask for help in finding information on how to source fabric for a start up. I am located in Western Canada and have reached out to multiple wholesale textile companies and have not had any luck of securing a material.
I have a prototype of the product but it seems that I can only source the material through a small store front that charges an arm and a leg. They also will not give me the contact information of their wholesale partner.
The product I am looking for is 20-24oz Melton 80-100% Wool. I would prefer it to be recycled wool but at this point I would be happy with anything.
What I am asking for is any input into how I go about finding a wholesale supplier? Is their a consultancy service I could use who specializes in this type of thing?
Thanks in advance.
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